Feeling in dire need of more chaotic music making. Thinking about setting up Orca on my mostly unused Pi to control my hardware gear.

I believe I already tried this long ago and miserably failed, but I can't remember what happened precisely. Probably something about MIDI output I couldn't figure out.

So far I've:

- Found my Pi 4 in my unsufferable mess of cables and forgotten treasures
- Also found the keyboard, the mouse, the screen and my old MIDI adapter (which is bigger than the Pi)
- Booted it but everything looked kind of broken and slow
- Burnt and installed the latest DietPi version
- Managed to set up a working Wi-Fi connection
- Installed LXDE and Firefox

It seems to boot just fine. I'm now about to setup the terminal version of Orca and see what happens.

OMG it just worked :) I had to mess a bit with the command line and figure out the dependencies, but I have a basic beat playing on the Rytm.

For some reason I have no grid displayed in my terminal. It's here, but not visible unless I select it with the mouse. I guess I should maybe install something fancier than the LXDE terminal? What would work best for Orca?

cc @neauoire

@ice @neauoire you can try alacritty (or kitty but the dev is apparently kind of a dick lol) if you don't care about start-up time, they are both gpu-accelerated terminals (though i've only ever used these on x86 idk if they'd work on arm or how well they'd work on the pi's gpu)


@zvava It looks interesting but yeah, a bit complicated for what I had in mind. I'll bookmark this for another Linux install though, thanks!

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