Every single time I try to make music in a specific genre, I end up doing something entirely different. Apparently, I'm now making some kind of glitchy lo-fi hip hop with a retro synth vibe. Go figure. I'm having a lot of fun though.

I was pretty sure I'd do absolutely nothing productive today, but it seems I've made a track.

Once again, no idea what genre this is. Somewhat lo-fi hip hop, but too much bass to not remind a bit of dubstep, though not dubstep either. It's pretty slow, at 70 bpm, but it sounds oddly faster. Or maybe I'm too used to it now... Anyway, that was fun to make. I'll probably still rework a few things.

@ice genres are dumb. imo if you make music you should make "[your name here] music" your genre :^)


@zvava I totally agree, but my idiot brain craves categories and labels :)

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