Today I woke up and started to work on my own conlang. Okay, brain, that's fine by me.

More about this later, but I'm aiming for something dead simple (likely quite close to Toki Pona) with a focus on time and cycles. Something I can use as a mental framework to help me figure out how to better live in the now and explore thought patterns related to the so-called flow of time. Something that makes the future look more fun.

@neauoire Haha, I'm curious as well :) I've felt the itch for quite a while, but I didn't see any clear concept worth exploring until now, so the idea of just making one for the sake of it wasn't this appealing. Now that I have a (still quite broad) direction and the goal to use it as some kind of personal tool, it makes much more sense.

@ice You might enjoy the more utopistic languages. You should have a look at FrathWiki for some good design patterns :)

@neauoire I will! I had a quick look for basic resources earlier today, but it seems much bigger than I thought, there are clearly tons of rabbit holes to explore there! For now, I think I need to get more familiar with the various technical terms. I'm not bad when it comes to writing (at least in French) but I do it "naturally", I've forgotten most grammar-related definitions over time, and I'm no linguist.

Also, do you have some examples of utopistic languages? It sure sounds interesting :)

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