I've spent most of the day FINALLY updating my dictionary. It now includes 150 words with English and French definitions and glyphs in sitelen pona and sitelen sitelen (though not all sitelen sitelen glyphs are available, Ku words haven't been vectorized as far as I know.) And it works offline, it's a single HTML file with no JavaScript.

I've updated it on my website but SourceHut will have to wait, I'm fed up with web development for a few weeks.

Pushed the latest update of my dictionary to SourceHut. It cracks me up to be using such a complicated versioning system for a single HTML file and a bunch of emojis, but I suppose it could be useful to someone, and it's kind of cool to pretend to be a real developer, I guess?

Said file could likely be optimized to go below 1 Mo, but I'm not sure if I want to minify everything for a tiny gain. I like the idea of people being able to read through the source somewhat easily (it's still a damn mess, but mostly readable.)

Also, more SVG glyphs optimization might destroy the little sanity I have left after what I went through for all 150 words.

@sunbather Thanks :) I hope it will be useful to someone (at least, it's useful to me, haha)

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