Doing deadlifts in my bathroom while thinking what kind of particles I could combine and repeat in my conlang's grammar to express time in interesting ways. I'm not sure what 15-year-old me would think of current me.


Have you seen DIT? Might be interesting to add to the mix.


Also, I'm impressed with your ability to multitask. Half the time I'm training I find myself unable to think much outside the moment.

@RussSharek the current year, day, and time is 12022:207:8.18.56 DIT.

@RussSharek Thanks, this looks interesting, clearly the kind of system I have to look into for inspiration. I'm also thinking about @neauoire's time formats: and Swatch Internet Time:

Regarding multitasking, I'm actually pretty bad at it, it's just that for some reason I find that repetitive physical activities tend to work well with cycling through whatever I'm obsessed with at the moment :)

@ice @neauoire

DIT is very similar to swatch time, without the corporate branding and origin.

The meditative repetition giving you room to think makes sense. I'm typically attempting something where I'm trying to get my entire ungainly body coordinated, leaving few braincells available to rub together on anything else. :)

@RussSharek I guess technically I'm cheating a bit, because most thinking occurs during the short rest periods between the sets. But they are repetitive as well, part of the same pattern.

Though last year, I took the habit of reading while using an exercise bike, so I'm not sure how to separate physical and mental activities anymore :)


sona ni li sona pona pi jan nasa pona:

"ijo wan lon tenpo wan"

Good wisdom, though it makes it harder to juggle. ;)

@RussSharek Haha yeah, we have a very similar saying in French, "Chaque chose en son temps". But the Toki Pona version feels oddly more accurate, probably because it's quite symmetrical.

I don't know much about juggling (even if I remember I may have tried it years ago) but I can imagine how complex it actually is, both on the physical and mental sides.


A lot of clown theory fits nicely into toki pona. Part of what keeps me enjoying it so much.

As for juggling, in all truth it is a terrible example because you end up learning to think of a pattern as a singular, albeit complex, singular thing.


Good point about the symmetry. I liked it because it was pithy.

In toki pona there additionally the idea of multilayered meaning, which works well for a broad concept like being in the moment and keeping things simple.

@ice English has inverted notions about the arrow of time. The past is ahead of us, in clear view; the future is behind us, and we are falling backwards into it.

@evan This is absolutely messing with my concept of time and I love it :)

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