I had no idea decimal time had been in use for a few years in France during the French Revolution. Pretty sure I've never heard of this in school. Sure, it's a detail of history, but I find it mind-boggling, kind of magical.

@zeitverschreib Yeah, I knew this, but I didn't know it went as far as using 10 hours in a day. Though, it makes sense if you consider the metric system was also introduced back then, except it was much more successful.

@ice this is why I love Swatch Internet Time; it's the decimal time system that hasn't gotten anyone guillotined if kinda like to see it make a comeback. It would be nice to have something that didn't do daylight savings or time zones for wider scale coordination.

@kevin Yeah, I wonder how a typical day would be organized, since there would be 10 hours instead of 24. Of course, there would be subdivisions, but our mental framework might be different, with fewer, bigger units.

@ice would there be a hundred mjnutes? I think we would start to think more on the half hour.

Napkin math: Each decimal minute would be around 1.44 normal minutes (making half a decimal hour 72 nornal minutes or 1.2 normal hours)

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