I don't want any masculine or feminine gender in my conlang. But I'm thinking I may add some to imply past or future states.

So a friend could also be lost, or in the making. Knowledge could be a memory, or a skill being studied. Or I could refer to my former self, or what I could possibly become.

Cyclic properties could also be explored. A friend you see regularly but rarely. A lesson you keep forgetting and relearning. Yourself, struggling to self-iterate and evolve.

@ice I like how you imply that the current state is undescrubable and that you could only speak of what once was, or what could be.

@nomand At first I thought there would also be a neutral gender for the present, but the more I think about it, the less I'm sure about it.

More degrees on the scale of was/could/will feel more interesting, if you consider the present as a mere attempt of making sense of reality by crystallizing it. I like the idea of time as a mental framework to filter the wholeness of everything. In this language, present and consciousness would likely be the same word.

@ice present can't exist in a framework, it can only be experienced as is. Everything else like you pointed out is merely a memory of the experience, attempting to contextualize the self against the past. It's the opinion of your past self that is no longer in the moment.


@nomand Yes, I agree, it's fleeting and unknowable. And I'd also like to highlight this, to see what kind of nuance could be found at this always slippery frontier, if any. I'm probably reinventing the wheel, since it's been discussed for millennia, but I feel drawn to it at the moment.

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