Today I played the RAV Vast casually in front of a few family friends I don’t or barely know. I just improvised. Some took videos, I’m probably on TikTok or some other shitty network, though I can’t say I care.

I was surprised to be confident enough to do it, not to mention without any noticeable error. It still made me realize the limits of my vocabulary and the fact I need to learn some actual songs with a beginning, a decent length and an end, but it felt like quite a big leap.

@ice live improv feels so good, i find all kinds of emotions come to the surface where they can be seen

@anandra Yes, it’s something I had no idea I could enjoy or even do not so long ago. It’s really liberating when you’re mainly used to DAWs. But it also shows me I have to practice a lot, lot more. I see massive untapped potential that will take me years to loosely understand and take advantage of. Which is a bit frustrating, but also awesome.

@ice it depends on your goal I suppose. There are no real rules when it comes to sound. So your expectations on how you need to perform are up to you. Unless you want to please people within a particular paradigm.

@ice in another way of putting it; errors are in the eye of the beholder 😋

@anandra I agree, but I’m not really sure what my goals are, haha. To complete the courses and methods I’ve been following for a while and move on more advanced techniques. Learn actual tunes that are more complex than the exercises I know. Compose my own, record live, unplugged albums. On the other hand, being comfortable with pure improvisation sounds very appealing. Also, to explore the more meditative side of the instrument, without thinking "music". Too many possibilities :)

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