Just finished playing Alice is Missing with a few friends. It's a silent RPG where everything unfolds within 90 minutes over text messages only. Wow. That was really intense and emotionally taxing, but totally awesome. It made me want to play TTRPG again after so many years I can't even count them.

@ice i have a copy of this sitting on my desk waiting to be played, look great.

@jameschip Yeah, it’s pretty special. The use of a timer creates increasing tension. It goes from "let’s talk about how our characters relate to each others" to full panic mode. We got a tragic ending. My character was in a bad situation to start with and it only got worse. But it was a great experience, very immersive and also easy for new players to get into. I’m still thinking about it and I know the feeling will last, like a good movie that sticks with you long after you’ve watched it.

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