Today I listened to the jam I unexpectedly recorded with friends a couple of weeks ago, playing the RAV Vast, the guitar and improvised percussion. I expect awful quality, but it's pretty good, and while there's a lot of random talking and background noise, the mood is fantastic. There's definitely some great material for a mini-album in there, even if it will require quite a bit of work to choose the best parts while keeping authentic.


Uh, it's dark outside already? Looks like I've spent the whole day cleaning and editing audio. This is going to sound lo-fi as hell, and it will include quite a few stupid jokes in French, but I love the result so far. It's warm and full of surprises.

I had a great time, so of course it sounds good to me, but I wonder if it will still work for people who weren't there, jamming with old friends around a few beers on a balcony, in the heat of the countryside night. I hope will convey that energy.

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