I really didn’t expect David Graeber and David Wengrow to mention Zelda: Breath of the Wild in their book The Dawn of Everything, but they do. It seems the Jomon Japanese era aesthetics was a major inspiration for its art.

I guess it may rekindle my interest for the game, which I enjoyed, but not enough to keep inflicting upon myself the bane of crafting recipes and perishable equipment.

@ice If you have a powerful enough computer I'd suggest looking into the cemu, the WiiU emulator. There are mods that can disable or change the item degradation and crafting systems. I haven't personally tested using a modified game dump on the emulator but in theory it should work.

(I suggested the WiiU version because it appears to be the one with the best mod support)

@drisc Oh, that sounds great, I had no idea it was a thing, thanks! Not sure if I can run it, but I should definitely give it a try :)

@ice Apparently the game is so widely used on the emulator that they have a page for optimizing it haha

@drisc I expected it to be popular, but I see there's at least 3400 mods, that's, haha, wild :)

@ice I bet 80% of them are texture replacement or re-shade mods but that is still a hell of a lot of cool stuff to explore.

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