Your AI telling me it can’t show me pictures it generated because they "looked a little inappropriate" has to be the most hilarious/baffling/insulting/absurd (pick one) thing ever.

Especially since I only added "Klimt" to my prompt. Not to mention it worked when I replaced "Klimt" with "Giger".

@ice the idea that it will "revolutionise the art", when it comes with a nsfw filter... (although I also understand there is a concern that it would be used to generate porn of whatever celebrity - not to mention the bad press it would generate for these companies...)

@Hibourdon @yhancik Yep, that sums up my feelings on the topic quite well. Though if it revolutionizes anything, it will likely be the way most artists get paid, meaning, even less. Once again a technological gold rush without any research on the societal impacts, not to mention the energy costs. Interesting times for sure.

@yhancik @ice a different way to look at it: art can often be about exploring the edges of a constraint, and this one's a doozy

@phooky @yhancik I like to imagine I’m being spared something my puny mind couldn’t fathom, I’m not ready for this yet, if ever.

@ice Klimpt paints sex, Giger paints death.

@mike Yes, unsurprisingly, it seems this AI has quite the classical conservative worldview, sex being so much more awful and terrifying than death.

@ice Soon enough the AI will start reporting you to the police

@ice They have all the pieces in place, just gotta hook them up and automate creation and catching of manufactured criminals

@tfb Yep, no predictive algorithm even needed. The future looks bright indeed.

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