Thinking about remaking my website. My setup is fine, but I’ve been slowly losing interest in maintaining it because a full static website generator forces me to use my computer, which is a pain after already spending the day in front of it. I need more freedom and more fun. Not to mention Eleventy, while "simple", is a damn node.js mess.

Something like Pico may do the trick. Very lightweight, but with the possibility to edit Markdown files both online and offline, no matter the device.

@ice thinking about something similar, a way to publish some of my already synchronized notes/knowledge base made in Obsidian or Logseq into a web site under my domain
was thinking of something like online Hugo but Pico seems like a good tip as well

@albi I have a bunch of files I usually edit locally then output with Eleventy, I’d love to also being able to edit them on the go. Hugo works similarly to Eleventy as far as I know, it seems pretty solid, but yeah, it’s dependent on the machine you’re using it on. I’m also using Obsidian in parallel and I thought about the paid publish plugin, which looks really slick, but it’s quite expensive. A Markdown-based flat-file CMS like Pico would allow a lot of freedom, ay least in theory.

@ice I'll also throw in Grav and Docusaurus for a good measure. They are both able to generate a website from a bunch of md files.

@albi Grav is great, I used it a few years ago and it seems to have evolved quite a bit (though it also seems to have gained a Wordpress vibe I don't like that much, but that's probably just the optional admin panel.) It could be better than Pico, I'll have to play a bit with it. I didn't know Docusaurus, it looked interesting... until I noticed it comes from Facebook and uh, that's a big no-no for me, open source or not.

@ice yeah, the fb part is a bitch for me as well, but then React, PyTorch or zstd came from fb labs too and boy do I love me some PyTorch and zstd :ablobthinkzerogravity: #guiltypleasure

@ice that's kinda what I do, locally it's only Markdown files & git. Git push triggers Git Hooks that rebuilds the website.

@yhancik Yes, I saw using a Git repository could be an interesting option, versioning and syncing would be pretty simple. I could add this to my pipeline. Currently I sync my files with NextCloud, it’s mostly fine but kind of random sometimes.

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