Last night I saw Mono, the Japanese post-rock band (though they don’t like this label, like most post-rock bands.) That was freaking awesome. They’re masters at alternating intimate quiet moments with epic explosions of violence, all within a deeply emotional frame of intertwined joy and melancholy. It was beautiful and cathartic. I used to listen to them many years ago, but I didn’t feel an ounce of nostalgia. It was more like closure. I think I cried a bit, and I’m likely closer to deafness.

@ice (does the mom-friend-of-those-on-the-internet thing and reminds you to enjoy the music with earplugs to avoid said deafness)

@klardotsh Haha yeah, you're totally right, I'll wear some next time. It's been ages since I last went to see such a loud band, I'm not used to earplugs, but it's the smart thing to do :)

@ice Oh yeah, they're SUPER weird to get used to, facts. And the shitty foam ones will attentuate frequency ranges that kill the vibe.

These aren't perfect, but they're what I've taken to every show I've attended since 2018. No regrets, I only FINALLY had to crack out the second set this year when I dirtied up the first so bad with sawdust in the boatyard that I got too lazy to clean them.

Friends use some Decibullz and love them, too.

@klardotsh That will be handy, especially since I only knew the shitty foam ones. Thanks!

@ice I fucking love Mono. So glad that they're good live, too!

@ice Hell yeah! I've seen them lots of times, one of my fav bands!! I hope they played soul-destroyingly loud

@Shrigglepuss "soul-destroying loud" perfectly describes the experience. Walls of noise and heartbreaking melodies at the same time :)

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