8 kg is so light, I said, grabbing a , and instantly realizing I was widely optimistic when I considered swinging that thing around my head.

After quite a few tries, I still managed to hold it in a passably vertical way and to do basic exercises without knocking myself out nor killing my attention-seeking cat.

That feeling when releasing a club in the air and grabbing it with the other hand? I'm totally addicted. I'm not eager to endure tomorrow's soreness, but I had a blast.


I should mention, I've been lifting weights for two years, I'm now vaguely athletic, I use dumbbells up to 40 kg for a few exercises, I regularly swing a 20 kg kettlebell, I can deadlift close to 100 kg. That's not much, but it's still incredible compared to my previous self.

But a 8 kg clubbell? I think I've chosen the right weight, as in "damn challenging weight that I can barely lift but that's okay, I'll make some slow and painful progress if I survive."

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