Here comes the first iteration of Lunaires, my experimental game that will get a new level every day during October, and possibly more updates and polish after that. Yes, I'm hijacking prompts.

For now, it's very short and minimalist, but I'll keep tweaking and adding various things along the way. I suppose it could be somewhat spooky. It's free, made with @rpginabox, and I'll probably release the sources at some point.

Get it here:

Second day, second level. There are tiny improvements, a lot of ghosts, and possibly a few hidden things. I rather like the idea of adding small random stuff in older areas to slowly flesh out whichever world this is. This might become a habit.

Update here:

A mysterious tower suddenly appears! Or maybe you mysteriously appear in front of a tower which couldn't care less about your mysteriousness. In any case, something's probably spooky here.

The third level of Lunaires is available here:

After yesterday's rather spooky ruins, it's time to visit the seaside. The levels of spookiness have yet to be evaluated, but at least there's no ghost. Not at the surface, anyway.

Lunaires now includes four levels, as in October 4th:

Yes, thanks to this silly project, I'm now aware of the current date.

Tonight, I've heard there's a rave in the woods. Which, of course, are haunted. Ghosts sure don't mind listening to repetitive music for eternity.

Lunaires has now five levels, the whole game can be played in... five minutes, I guess. Grab it here:

Today's new level involves some suspicious activity akin to witchcraft, fast-food, or possibly both. It also introduces an incredibly innovative element of gameplay that brings the series to new heights: the fetch quest.

Try the latest version of Lunaires here and see by yourself:

What about a trip down the glitchy river in Lunaire's new level? There's pretty much nothing to do down here except slowly floating, why is still probably kind of spooky.

Today's update is here:

Also, let me link this toot to day 8 for posterity, because I'm an idiot and failed to make a proper thread for all levels.

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