I'm dreaming of a social network where you could post only once a day.

@yhancik Oh yes, I remember this, I thought about it not long ago but I couldn't find it, thanks :)

@sprkwd Yes, but the limit would also include replies and direct messages, so you'd need to think not only about what you want write, but also how you want to interact.

@ice So that you couldn't post that often or others?

@esc The idea is you'd need to think carefully about what you want to post to make it worthwhile. And this would also include replies and direct messages, so you'd have to chose if you just broadcast, participate, or communicate privately.

@ice Once a day is too much then in my opinion. It would be just an essays sharing platform, because you'd want to share a lot at a time. This would also make it hard to refute misinformation.

@esc I don't know, I don't see this as a replacement for a "regular" social network. I'm thinking more about a post as a haiku than as an essay or as news coverage. Different pace, different state of mind. It would be experimental of course.

@ice It's not like we don't have that, people have blogs and write blog posts once a week/month/year. Wrap that up with discoverability and search and you get the platform you want.

Those platforms exist. Mastodon, Twitter and other social media are just **micro**-blogging platforms.

@ice Actually that makes a lot of sense, make a platform like that. Mastodon client that lets you post only once a day and no more than 120 syllables or something alike.

@ice Fediverse under constant bones-breaking load 👍

@hecate Yeah. It's been pretty hectic lately. It doesn't feel like a cosy place of solace anymore, even if I hope it's temporary.

@ice Following the local timeline it hasn't felt like it was more hectic, but indeed at the federation level there's been quite an influx of regular posters

@hecate True! This makes me think I should display the local timeline first for a while, it might help.


My solution is local timeline first, then slowly create lists of people from other servers when i (more rarely) browse my home timeline. Oh, and turn off boosts on the home timeline.


@flavigula It's funny, I've put my local timeline first and pushed the home feed away maybe one hour ago :) I've never really tried lists though, I certainly should.


Oh, an I made a filter to expunge toots that include the word "twitter" and related terms. :)
It's a start!

Lists are a nice feature. I don't want to spend too much time organizing whom I'm going to read, though... it's a compromise.

@aynish Interesting, I hadn't heard of it. Yeah, kind of, the concept is interesting, but getting notified to post isn't really my thing :) It would be more about a slower pace, more thoughtful, "crafted" posts, and as little pressure as possible. Something that leaves room for self-reflection and not only reaction, with no notion of FOMO.

@ice there was another one I came across that was like this. you "post" throughout the week but it only goes out on Sunday, and iirc you had to pick one of your posts that would go out

@aynish That sounds nice, self-curation is a good idea. To be honest I'm close to get a domain and mess with a Mastodon install to see how hackable it would be lol

@ice that's cool! good luck with that 😎 interested to hear how you go

@aynish I'm pretty sure it's way beyond my coding skills, but it still might be fun to give it a try. Learning a bit more about Mastodon's cogs sounds good no matter the result.

@ice does this with images. It's neat because the only real interface is sms.

@icco Pretty cool! It looks minimalist and straight to the point.

@ice I could see a fork of hometown called slowtown where everyone can only post once a day haha, it'd be lovely.

@neauoire Totally, I was thinking about it, I've no idea how I could do that for now but I may attempt such a fork at some point :)

@ice might be even better instead to be a client feature, like a way to look at the timeline where you only ever see one post per person you follow.

feature request :honk: @darius

@neauoire @ice funny thing, BeReal (which is corporate and trying to be the next tiktok I think) does in fact only allow one post per day

@darius @neauoire Yes, but from what I understand it reminds you to post at a specific time of the day depending on your friends. It’s certainly less busy and attention-hungry but it’s still designed around the idea of user engagement (maybe I’m mistaken, I didn’t try it.)

@ice @neauoire right! hence my "they are trying to be the next tiktok" massive caveat. I still think it's interesting that they are experimenting with that (though who knows how long they keep it)

@darius @neauoire It sure is! I'd love to see more corporate networks experiments like this, anything different from the "keep the user online for as long as possible" model sounds good.

@neauoire @ice @darius This is pretty much how I imagine the client of a friends/family social network should work. Your friends listed vertically, ordered by how much you care about them, and their most recent posts stacked laterally. That way someone you only care about distantly but who posts constantly doesn't take all your attention. And you'd naturally revisit things shared by people you care most about, even if hey don't post often.

@teleclimber @neauoire @ice @darius does something like that but for RSS feeds, which can exhibit the same issues. Noisy feeds don't drown you, and only hurt themselves in the end because older entries disappear.

If only for the gorgeous colors, it's worth looking at.

@rakoo @neauoire @darius @ice Looks like the domain is actually But yeah, that looks cool.

The dev's site is a wild one too. Love it.

@ice I've had a similar idea, but a messaging app where you receive all your messages at once. (I might try building it...)

@ice not quite the same thing, but spring83 basically only allows one post. at all. if you want an archive, you have to maintain it yourself.

@tebicat Pretty cool, I had totally missed this, I'll take a closer look :)

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