Question for drum and bass lovers: is there some kind of ambient minimal , not really liquid but more on the experimental side? Classic liquid isn't my thing. I prefer , but I wonder if there's something in between, same spirit, but with more drones and less drums?

Me: I don't like liquid drum and bass.
Also me: Let's learn how to make a liquid drum and bass track.

Here's the temporary result of my attempt at making some liquid-ish . Not mixed, not mastered. It sounds like a cheesy Ulrich Schnauss remix with some fake handpan samples, yet I rather like it. It was intense, but surprisingly easier to make than expected.

It's quite motivating. I've learned loads of music theory and production tricks doing this over two days. This will probably end up with a lot more glitches, lofi textures, and experimental tweaks, but it's a start.

It only took me twenty years to understand how to use a cutoff filter properly. I guess I deserve a beer.

@ice hmm… this track is the closest thing that comes to mind (it's long and gets into kinda Tangerine Dream territory):

*bookmarking this question to consider it again when I'm not listening to another genre* 😄

@ice I think about Scorn while reading your post....but I guess you know it...


@bstn @slisne I do, but barely, and it's been a pretty long time. Nice suggestion, I'll take a closer look!

@slisne Turns out I'm enjoying the whole album quite a lot, it hits a nice spot between smooth and dirty.

@ice glad you're liking it! the other long track "Desperance" is almost meditative for a drum & bass track. on the dirtier side, I often turn to "Obscura" for the heavy amen breaks.

@slisne Yeah, definitely! I also like Snuffed Out, the drums are lovingly brutal on this one.

@ice I think stuff from Sam KDC might partly fit your expectations. Dark and drony kinda dnb/techno

@oleksiy Oh, that sounds pretty good, definitely up my alley, thanks :)

@ice culprate has some tracks like this, don’t remember which. I’ll post them if I stumble upon them.

@0gust1 I'm currently browsing his Bandcamp, that's pretty spot-on, thanks :)

@DePingus Thanks! In fact, maybe a bit too clean for my taste. Or maybe not, I don’t know, I’m exploring :)

@masakepic That’s probably what draws me to this genre, high tempo, but lots of quiet space to experiment with. Energetic, but contemplative. At least, that’s the idea, I don’t know where it will lead :)

@ice Yes, space in the sounds. I find I also get into a good workflow/studioflow with certain kinds of electronica...mostly ambient, or just a little gently acid.
It's funny as lots of people with adhd (including psychologists with it) are posting certain kinds of music that soothes them, on Instagram. It's kind of overtone/layered sounds, that's similar to a lot of this electronica/liquid DnB etc, that I've listed to for decades. :)

@masakepic That’s interesting, because I have a hard time defining what kind of music can fit my mental state when I’m working on something else. Ambient, definitely, but it has to have some kind of presence. Minimal techno, acid, certainly, but it needs that subtle balance between repetitive and interesting. Drum and bass, yes, but I still have to find the sweet spot. And of course it also depends on my mood.

Like, it needs variations, but at the right pace, to avoid becoming a distraction.

@vodsel Thanks! Not sure where it will lead, I need to refine it and make more tracks :)

@neauoire Fuck yeaaaaah such a trip down the memory lane. I love this track, I haven't heard it since maybe 10 years, not sure how it makes me feel but it's awesome, thanks :)

@neauoire The drums slap so hard, and everything feels broken yet whole, it sounds a bit like some proto-Lorn. Pretty interesting.

@neauoire @ice I’d also recommend The Algorithm:

Prog, IDM. There are some ambient bits—more in his newer work.

@icy @neauoire Oh yes, I love his style. Maybe a bit more one the metal and breakcore side but he makes great music. I’ll have to check the latest albums!

@ice don't know if you familiar with this or not, but it did pop to my mind for some reason.

also the author was releasing under a different name before that (it was 'neurolucifer' and that was a bit more breakcore-ish i think).

@la_ninpre No, I didn't know this artist. Very nice, I love the minimal groove and the atmosphere. It's a bit more on the dub techno side, but that's also a genre I enjoy a lot!

@ice Yeah, I know *exactly* the thing – check out Misanthrops "Analog" Album, it's everything you ask for.

My personal favorite from the album:

Extremely 👌 how such an understated track can be such an absolute fucking banger.

If that's not experimental enough for you, you might want to check out Clark, but that's more IDM than DnB.

If all that don't fit, check out EPROMs "Drone Warfare" EP.

@ice I sent this post to some people I know who are big on like cataloging subgenres. Here's a response I got.

@MoiraPrime Thanks a lot :) I was intrigued by the minimal genre but I hadn’t found much details about it. I didn’t know autonomic and microfunk, even if I think I saw Bop mentioned at some point. I’ll check this out, it sounds very much like what I had in mind!

@ice This is my niche ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Someone already mentioned microfunk, but there's also a jungle subgenre "atmospheric" you might want to check out.

Alpha Omega - Impulse:

Sundancer - Hold on:

Nu:Logic - Sundown:

Sewerslvt - Draining Love Story: (crosses over to breakcore at times)

Also, if you haven't seen it yet;

@CFDS Awesome! Many thanks for all the suggestions, I don't know any of these artists :)

@CFDS I didn't know this guide either. There's some pretty brutal (and funny) criticism for quite a few genres, but it's also very informative. Great resource!

@ice If you liked it, here's a necromanced version of the original Ishkur's guide from the early 2000's:

@CFDS Haha, the old Flash aesthetics are quite something :)

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