Question for drum and bass lovers: is there some kind of ambient minimal , not really liquid but more on the experimental side? Classic liquid isn't my thing. I prefer , but I wonder if there's something in between, same spirit, but with more drones and less drums?

Me: I don't like liquid drum and bass.
Also me: Let's learn how to make a liquid drum and bass track.

Here's the temporary result of my attempt at making some liquid-ish . Not mixed, not mastered. It sounds like a cheesy Ulrich Schnauss remix with some fake handpan samples, yet I rather like it. It was intense, but surprisingly easier to make than expected.

It's quite motivating. I've learned loads of music theory and production tricks doing this over two days. This will probably end up with a lot more glitches, lofi textures, and experimental tweaks, but it's a start.


It only took me twenty years to understand how to use a cutoff filter properly. I guess I deserve a beer.

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