Playing Magic: The Gathering like it's 1999. I don't especially enjoy its competitive and mercantile nature, but the game is undeniably still good, and it's popular among my coworkers, so it's a fine way to set my secret plan into motion, which is to lure them into TTRPGs after a few games.

nice! what kinda decks are you playing? i love magic, such an interesting, complex, fun, and replayable game

@metasyn We’re doing a draft evening later this week, so I’m currently trying to re-learn the basics. No idea what I will play, it will be a 40-card deck of whatever colors I’ll manage to slap together in a reasonably coherent way. Ideally white/green or white/red, since I have a bit more experience with these colors.

@ice @metasyn drafting is really fun though. I completely agree with you on the fact that it’s a terrible business but a very good game.

I have a big box of cards in the garage that I keep meaning to turn into a cube and then get rid of the rest.

@jameschip @metasyn Troika! I recently got a bundle with five books, I really like what I've read so far. It's weird, simple but very evocative, with a lovely Terry Pratchett x Planescape vibe. I still have to play it, haha. I'm planning solo sessions with Mythic for a start. I've never used Mythic either, but it looks like a great match, since they share the same quick and dirty improvisation-focused approach.

@ice @metasyn i still haven’t played it either but really want to. Maybe we should start a merveilles game night!

@jameschip @metasyn Haha yeah, that would be fun! No idea how/if I could participate given my rather chaotic schedule, though it depends on what you have in mind. In any case, a Merveilles way to share, discuss or recommend games outside of Mastodon would be cool (though I guess the forum would be fine for this?)

@ice @jameschip I have been eyeing troika for some time and have really wanted to check it out, it looks great but also less required investment compared to traditional dnd. I don't have a local group that would be down yet but maybe someday. I'd be down to join for a troika night though sometime if we organize one!

@ice @jameschip also ive organized drafts for MTG via table top simulator which is fun too if that interests anyone 🃏🎴

@metasyn @jameschip Yeah, the system is dead simple, it basically uses only a couple of d6 and three main attributes, everything is managed with added skills values and a few tables. It's also pretty light (but efficient) regarding lore and descriptions, and designed to invite players to fill the gaps themselves. In a way, it's more about prompts than data... which can be daunting, but it also feels very fresh.

@ice @metasyn the initiative system seems really fun too. All those tokens going into a bag!

@jameschip @metasyn Yeah, I haven't tried combat yet, but its seems pretty wild. I saw a bunch of printable tokens designed especially for it on DriveThruRPG, I'll probably try them to figure out how it works.

@jameschip @mnetasyn It sure looks interesting! I have zero experience in drafting or any kind of tournament, I've only played casually with friends many years ago and I'm discovering bazillion new concepts and strategies, this is quite stimulating. I have a bunch of ancient cards somewhere in my mom's attic, along with other card games. Spellfire, Planescape, Kult and others I forgot. Maybe I'll dust them off at some point...

@nf I’m experimenting various things on Arena, trying to remember how everything works, to prepare for an upcoming draft party. I can’t wait to get utterly destroyed by hardcore players younger than the game :)

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