Last night I saw Mono, the Japanese post-rock band (though they don’t like this label, like most post-rock bands.) That was freaking awesome. They’re masters at alternating intimate quiet moments with epic explosions of violence, all within a deeply emotional frame of intertwined joy and melancholy. It was beautiful and cathartic. I used to listen to them many years ago, but I didn’t feel an ounce of nostalgia. It was more like closure. I think I cried a bit, and I’m likely closer to deafness.

Finally got the missing piece of my studio puzzle, a T-1 from Torso Electronics. It's an algorithmic machine that generates euclidean rhythms. I've only tried it with the 8-track version of Bitwig so far, but it will gleefully replace the atrocious sequencer of the TD-3-MO and allow me to make pretty wild generative acid, not to mention evolving ambient soundscape with other synths.

It's small, heavy, sturdy. I love the workflow. Simple but deep, and really fun, clearly built for experimenting.

I've spent most of the day FINALLY updating my dictionary. It now includes 150 words with English and French definitions and glyphs in sitelen pona and sitelen sitelen (though not all sitelen sitelen glyphs are available, Ku words haven't been vectorized as far as I know.) And it works offline, it's a single HTML file with no JavaScript.

I've updated it on my website but SourceHut will have to wait, I'm fed up with web development for a few weeks.

I’ve spent the morning cutting grass and scrubs with my scythe and my sickle. I feel like a multiclassed barbarian/druid.

Joke apart, this was a really great workout. I’m glad I had calluses thanks to weight lifting, without them my hands would be bleeding right now. And my upper body is exhausted.

But enjoyed it very much. I don’t want to ever use a petrol mower again, it doesn’t even compare. Silence, precision, the feeling of not wreaking havoc upon nature… This was different.

This is the worst title translation and ugliest cover I’ve seen in a long time, so I hope I won’t regret getting a copy in French. I couldn’t bring myself to finish Debt in English, so I thought I’d make the read a bit easier this time.

I’ve been trying to make acid techno for many, many years. Software never quite worked for me. I lacked the noise, the nasty plastic bits and the horrendous programming workflow. Now, this is not a TB-303. It’s way cheaper, slightly less terrible to use, with more options and a broader, grittier sound palette, and, uh, lots of yellow. But it’s fun, unpredictable, and so analog it’s recommended to let it warm up for 15 minutes before use.

I was pretty sure I'd do absolutely nothing productive today, but it seems I've made a track.

Once again, no idea what genre this is. Somewhat lo-fi hip hop, but too much bass to not remind a bit of dubstep, though not dubstep either. It's pretty slow, at 70 bpm, but it sounds oddly faster. Or maybe I'm too used to it now... Anyway, that was fun to make. I'll probably still rework a few things.

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Obeying blindly the strict art direction of my four-year-old. I guess I have the cover art for an upcoming tribal acid album.

I've managed to kind of accidentally make a new album. Which is nice, since I haven't released anything substantial in years.

It's only 35 minutes long, it's full of fat drones and mangled steel tongue drum, drowned in glitches, reverb and delay, everything has been patched together somewhat randomly with even more randomness, yet it feels, I don't know, wholesome?

Maybe I'll hate it tomorrow. Not sure when I'll release it. For now, here's the cover art.

I’ve managed to find a second-hand Cosmos and I can now listen to lovely evolving drones all day long. I can’t think of any description more suitable than "drifting memory station". Instant ambient no matter the source. Expect a few hour-long tracks in the future.

Here’s a couple more pictures. I also managed to record a video of their most famous tune, Once Again, but it needs a bit of editing and I’m not even sure what to do with it anyway. It’s oddly darker than the original, still beautiful, but the electronic background makes it feel more solemn, and clearly takes other meanings after all these years and the current times we’re going through.

Too bad I couldn’t talk to them in the end, but it was amazing, don’t hesitate to see them live if you can.

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Most of the show had electronic beats and textures playing either in the background or at higher volumes. At some point Danny Cudd performed a song alone, with a single handpan, really close to the audience. It felt really genuine and humble, like busking in the street.

I was a few meters away and at some point he looked straight at me and smiled wildly, and I could only do the same, and it was magical. Not in the "I’m a huge fan" sense. It was just a beautiful instant of sharing and caring.

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That concert was great. I didn’t think I’d headbang on Hang Massive’s music, but it went bass-heavy and straight into trance territory at the end. Quite and interesting blend, in a way rather experimental, but at the same time very accessible.

They were… I don’t know, simple, kind, authentic, eager to share and make everyone feel connected. Danny Cud made a little speech about this. It was really heart-warming, huge smiles and good vibes all over the place.

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I usually don’t buy wine, but this one made me chuckle so hard while simultaneously making me feel dead inside that I couldn’t resist.

Here's some "minimal lofi steel tongue dub techno" or something like that. I like building beats around shitty RAV Vast recordings. It's broken yet mended, analogue yet digital, soft yet harsh, somewhere between two worlds. I've only added a kick and a hihat, everything else is live with a bunch of effects but unedited, even the brush-like sounds my hands make when gliding between two notes.

It's rough, but it brings me solace, in a way. Maybe I should make an album.

I've been practicing the RAV Vast a bit more lately. I've reached a point where I'm happy with my progress, but simultaneously frustrated by the difference between what my hands do on their own and what my brain manages to analyze.

I'm increasingly more aware of this strange duality, and I have no idea how to balance it, or even if I should. Who would have guessed making a double wok sing by slapping it and trying to bend it to my will and emotions would be hard, eh?

Animal Crossing, sex mention 

Since my free labor has allowed them to build their shop, the raccoon mafia twins are doing everything they can to sell me their overpriced, likely stolen goods.

Today, they’re trying hard to be cute and keep asking me if I’m "tempted by Panda Bear Mom".

I’m now dying inside, realizing that, on this island inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, Panda Bear Mom is in fact a very specific, not suitable for children kind of cuddly toy.

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My life in Animal Crossing’s capitalist hellhole has been slightly improved when a ghost gave me some DJ gear. Even if I have no record to play.

I’ve been forced to hunt wildlife for a museum and to cut down trees and pillage mineral resources to build a shop for the sole benefit of the raccoon mafia. I’ve still managed to avoid turnip trade offers, which clearly involve speculation and child labor.

My only friend is a goat who sends me very mixed signals. Please send help.

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My idea of fun in Animal Crossing: playing as a stoned goth under the full moon during a cold winter night.

Earlier today I prepared Brussel sprouts using an incredibly simple and lazy recipe:
- wash them and cut them in half
- pour a generous quantity of olive oil
- add a bit of salt and pepper
- cook in the oven at 180 °C for 30 minutes

The results is slightly roasted sprouts, a bit crispy, and damn tasty (if you can bear Brussel sprouts, of course.) A hint of Balsamic vinegar or even some Tabasco could make a fine addition.

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