Expectations vs. Reality

(this beautiful painting was gifted to me by an old friend a few weeks ago, I finally managed to find a place to hang it since it’s huge, and of course my cat had to photobomb it.)

Remember I said I wanted to recreate Maurizio's M5 dub techno banger? Well, I did. This is just a quick and dirty preview, I'm not sure if it does justice to the original, but I had a blast dissecting and recomposing it on the OP-Z.

It took me 5 minutes to lay down the basic structure, but days to refine it enough to get a half-decent groove. Since I couldn't get the exact same sound, I ended up adding cheesy chords, so it has a more laid-back, dreamy vibe.

Apparently, I'm resurrecting my cyberpunk adventure game project from 2017. Which would mean all my current projects could be postponed by 4 years if I followed the logical cycle, mmmh...

Yes, I'm very proud of my creative procrastination skills.

Me: sweating profusely and groaning, lifting punishing amounts of weights to expiate my previous week of mindless self indulgence.
My cat:

It has begun.

I have tons of other things to finish first and no brain cell left to start the tutorial now, but I couldn't resist launching .

Taking a walk through the valleys of my childhood. Last time I came here was two years ago, but it could as well be two days or two decades ago. No matter how the landscape may have changed, it’s blurred and merged with so many memories from different periods it could as well be a timeless dreamscape.

Sorting the most common glyphs for further adjustments before emoji export.

This is basically the linja sike font with a few almost invisible tweaks. Maybe I'll simplify some glyphs for readability's sake, in the spirit of sitelen pona pona. I still have some tests to do.

Also, it took me a while to understand the ku glyph (7th on the bottom line), but once you get it, it's pretty obvious and smart.

I’ve received my copy of the new dictionary. It’s huge! Pictured here with the first book for comparison, it contains loads of helpful definitions.

I haven’t found time to dive into it yet, but my first impression is that it will be very useful to anyone interested in the language, though not mandatory for beginners. Besides the dictionary part and the new words, it brings a few interesting corrections and precisions regarding the first book. Now, I have to update my own dictionary…

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In my untended garden, flowers just grow wherever they want. I love it.

Well, my new office chair has arrived.

I’ve chosen this model because it’s designed to be playable on all sides, and they all sound different. It has a jembe-like structure inside, which offers drastically different sounds on left and right compared to front and rear. You can also tweak the snare at two different heights. Last but not least, unlike most other brands, the logo doesn’t suck.

Now, I have to learn how to make it sound good, and it’s way harder than just sitting on it.

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So I’ve bought this handpan method by Ravid Goldschmidt. It looks great so far, and totally suitable for steel tongue drums. There are 8 booklets with various exercises and increasingly more complex time signatures.

It’s damn expansive though. Nearly $100 for average print quality, no hardcover, no box, and a few typos. But the content is exactly what I was looking for, and it’s pretty niche, so I can’t really complain.

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On a road trip to the seaside. I love the dreadful emptiness of rainy beach days.

I've acquired one of the most ridiculous fitness devices ever designed: an ab wheel. It's certainly brutally effective when used properly, that's the point. But I believe my abs will get twice stronger by just laughing about it before actually using it.

Also, this is giving me some terrible new video game ideas.

Necklace of lucky death +5, complete 

Please, someone has to stop me before I open an Instagram account and start posting selfies.

I thought it would take me ages to make. It was as easy as it was quick. The size is perfect, spacers have adjusted way better than what I expected, and the knot is invisible. I feel like a 15-year old and it’s amazing.

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Necklace of lucky death +5 

Experimenting with the skull-shaped spacers I’ve just received... Clearly this will end up as a necklace.

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Meanwhile, in the voxellated forest, inhabitants headbang on lo-fi procedural beats and sliced RAV Vast tunes.

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I’ve just made my first gemstone stretch bracelet. Pretty simple, but I can’t decide if there are too many aventurine pearls or not. Maybe two, or even one, would have been enough. Or all three next to each other.

I’ve chosen this stone because the color looked close enough to the Merveilles teal, and also because I like the name. Other pearls are black agate.

I’m waiting for skull spacers for the next ones. The Goth in me was adamant about it.

Due to popular demand (well, just @exquisitecorp actually, but it's more than enough to make me feel happy for the rest of the day) here's a snippet of my latest musical adventures, involving dirty beats and a RAV Vast. Oddly enough, it loops nicely (even if Mastodon doesn't.)

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