OMFG the main micro USB port of my Levinson just literally fell off! I simply moved the keyboard a bit further to the left on my desk.

I'm discovering that Pro Micro controllers are famous for their shit port. You'd expect something you've built yourself to break, sure... but not the parts you've never tampered with. I'm really pissed off, I love this keyboard and I use it every day...

Fixing the port seems doable but hard, I'm not sure what to do.

2255.02.05 - Star charts

The Prime Animus is caught between two brutal warmongers. We will probably need to intervene soon.

2227.05.08 - Star charts

Here is an overview of the current galactic situation.

2209.02.05 - Unsurveyed system, Hoshfir

Our attempt to reach the center of the galaxy is more meaningful than ever. We've encountered alien spaceships! Until we manage to learn more, we'll call them "Delta Aliens". Our scientists are doing their best to decode their transmissions and understand their language.

Some of our more vocal comrades are also pressing the Agglomerate to expand faster, and to secure the borders. What if these aliens were hostile?

is the end. That's it, I did it. Yay. Hooray. This was exhausting and delightful. And I learned a lot, ending the month (a bit late, I know) with something close to what I aimed for when I started. Walls of noise with a hint of harmony. And it's time to sleep, indeed, even if I still have to decide what to do with all these tracks.

has so much delay and reverb that it's basically one big drone. I think "Depth" is a fitting title. It was nice drowning into this while recording it.

is mostly ambient, made with a bit of vibrato and tons of delay. Not much trouble, in fact.

2200.01.01 - Star charts

This is how the Zotialith known space currently looks like. So far, our most advanced sensors have detected no sign of other sentient life in the galaxy.

Thank you all for your input! The Zotialith Aggregate is now ready to spread rock-solid communism through the galaxy. And bad puns.

I'm planning an update every couple of days or so. If the idea of following the space odyssey of sentient minerals united by strong egalitarian values is your idea of fun, feel free to share, participate to the upcoming polls, and send your suggestions! This is, after all, a fully-fledged democratic communal parity... at least for now.

On I tried a few effects I had forgotten about. I think the result has a strange retro, psychedelic vibe. Probably because it reminds me of 70s organs.

On I tried to add some square leads with live audio to MIDI conversion but it sounded atrocious, so I went with light vibrato and flanger instead.

On , being tired, sick and 5 days late, I almost gave up. I'm happy I didn't, because this one took me pretty far away. I felt one with the noise while playing this, maybe not in a trance-like state, but close enough.

is way less busy than the prompt implies. It's just the pickup signal with a bit of cleaning and boosting. Played with rubber mallets, for a deeper and less percussive sound.

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