The official Raspberry Pi 4 desktop bundle is cute. The mouse is as big as the computer! Now the only problem is I’m not even sure I have a HDMI screen somewhere in the house.

The nice lady from the postal service has finally brought me the Plaid kit I had ordered many months ago, and I am QUITE excited about it. Now I just need a few more weeks to find enough time to assemble it...

I've updated my dictionary. It now features a collapsible menu, 100 Rabbits theme support, the alternate linja pona glyph font, buttons to toggle glyphs, words and definition on or off, and various other improvements.

Try it here:

Using the dictionary you're working on to find adequate words and glyphs for the UI of the dictionary you're working on: done.

I'm currently experimenting with a drop down menu to display more option in the future. UI is hard. mi olin e !

Working on a tool, some kind of interactive dictionary with filters. It will probably become a simple flashcard system, with a few stats and options to switch between Toki Pona, glyphs, English and French.

I have a brand new computer. Now I just need a display with a UHF socket and a cassette recorder.

I've made a quick and dirty Merveilles-themed logo with Dotgrid. It's quite possible I'll end up redesigning the whole dictionary at some point.

The enhanced version of my Hyperjam entry is getting out of control. It will not only feature roguelike/puzzle mechanics and card-based combat, but also this kind of artwork. And don't even get me started on the soundtrack.

I wasn’t sure my kombucha coffee experiment would work at all, since I used a very thin baby disc from my first batch. But it has become thicker after four days in a coffee jar than after two weeks in a tea jar. It’s hard to see on the picture, because coffee is indeed pretty dark and opaque compared to tea, but the surface alone is impressive enough.

Let’s just hope I didn’t accidentally trigger the beginning of a coffee blob overlords invasion.

Water kefir fermenting with cassonade, two cherries and a slice of lemon. I could watch this all day.

Doing some UI/UX research. I read this three times before realizing someone has edited the Wikipedia page about Apple mouses after the egg yolk ball meme that was posted a couple of weeks ago.

By popular demand, a couple of hops pictures. The first one was taken in early April and the second one today. The plan is to let it crawl on the roof for maximum sun exposure, though I hope ants won’t ruin everything (last year they sure did, since they built a damn anthill inside the pot.)

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Here's my entry that does not use HyperCard, but still includes 1-bit gradients and Apple II cursors and fonts.

It's a kind of voxellated emotion-based isometric fortune cookie simulator. Or maybe a roguelike without combat where nothing happens but randomly suggested feelings. I don't know, but I like it, and I really learned a lot while making it. I might even make an actual game out of this.

Doing the with @rpginabox instead of Hypercard because I'm obsessed with it at the moment.

Look what I’ve found in my inbox: Age of Civilization, a tiny board game I’ve kickstarted ages ago. It can be played solo, up to four players, for about half an hour. I didn’t try it yet but it looks cute, simple and fun, with a lot of replayability.

I love how these keyboards look, not to mention they are made with through hole components only. No case, no plate, no Pro Micro, everything is soldered on the board.

So 40% low profile keyboards with PCB artwork and a magnetic cover are a thing. I love how aesthetics go beyond the usual here, and how a cover makes sense with the thin form factor and the split layout.

Got myself a new — what do you mean, it’s not a keyboard? It has a numpad layout, mechanical switches, layer functions, fancy blank keycaps (okay, maybe it’s arcade buttons), loads of blinking stuff, arcane firmware, and it costs an arm.

I’ve only used it for half an hour but it was more than enough to convince me it’s the best possible choice for finger drumming. And before you ask, yes, I’ll probably hack something to use it as an actual numpad.

Hey music makers, I'm torn between two very different MIDI controllers (mainly to use for finger drumming.)

The MIDI Fighter has a no-bullshit 4x4 arcade mechanical buttons layout with real tactile feedback and great accuracy, plus some gyro/compass features. It looks indestructible.

The QuNeo has bazillions of pressure-sensitive tactile surfaces allowing complex gestures, and 4x4 pads that can be divided into 64 mini pads. Perfect for endless experiments.

Which one would you choose?

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