kala kule pi tawa ala li lape lon noka pi telo suli.
Coral lies at the bottom of the sea.

day 20

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nanpa wan, la sina kama nasa. nanpa tu, la sina kama sona.
First you become dizzy, then you become wise.

day 19

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olin li ilo alasa: tenpo suno wan, la ona li weka.
Love is a trap: one day, it will be gone.

day 18

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telo sewi pi ike suli li lon pilin mi, taso uta mi li pana e kalama ala.
A big storm is in my heart, yet my mouth makes no sound.

day 17

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ilo utala seli li kama tan sewi pimeja.
Rockets come from the dark sky.

day 16

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tomo utala taso li awen lon ma utala ante.
A lone outpost remains on the alien battlefield.

day 15

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mi wile open e selo kiwen pi pilin mi, tan mi sona ala e olin.
I need to open the armor of my heart because I do not know how to love.

day 14

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o awen e tenpo mute, la nena ale li kama nena kiwen ko.
Wait long enough, and all mountains will become dunes.

day 13

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nasin tawa pilin pona li ken linja, li ken telo.
The road to happiness can be sinuous and slippery.

day 12

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ijo jan li jaki, la ona li pakala e ma sike.
Human beings are disgusting, they are destroying the planet.

day 11

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tenpo kama li ike lukin, la taso sona insa pona li awen.
The future looks bad, but hope endures.

day 10

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jan pimeja li pali ala e kalama, li kepeken mun utala.
Ninjas make no noise and use throwing stars.

day 9

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This wonderful little sonic gadget I kickstarted almost one year ago has finally arrived. The Orba is basically a palm-sized synth looper with 4 channels, touch and gesture-based controls, Bluetooth connection (so it can act like a MIDI controller) and a pretty loud speaker for its size.

Seems like I’ll now be able to finger drum anytime, anywhere.

tenpo moku pini ale, la o telo e kiwen uta sina!
Brush your teeth after every meal!

day 8

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jan pi pona lukin li ken pali e ijo ike.
Fancy people can do bad things.

day 7

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soweli lili li weka, la soweli lili mute li musi.
When the cat's away, the mice will play.

day 6

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I’m using the web version of Mastodon on iOS 14 and when I scroll up there’s a fucking GitHub ad at the very top of the page. It’s invisible unless I scroll, and automatically hides if I stop scrolling, so it’s as useless as it’s intrusive. It looks like some kind of bug, but it makes me mad.

It’s simply Apple putting ads right in their browser.

ilo utala li tu. nimi wawa li tu mute.
Powerful words cut more than blades.

day 5

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ilo kon kute li pana e kalama ike taso.
The radio emits only bad noise.

day 4

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kon telo suli li kulupu lon sewi laso.
Bulky clouds gather in the blue sky.

day 3

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