Apparently, I'm now making some kind of trip hop. Quick and dirty render as usual. I'm having a blast, as I'm starting to understand the vision behind the OP-Z. While it has tons of automation features, it's designed in a way that puts live manipulations first. Traditional "song building" is limited, the focus is on doing crazy stuff within patterns and taming randomness. And it's pure fun.

Discussing grammar in sitelen pona (a linear glyph script) about a drawing made using sitelen sitelen (a non-linear writing system.)

This is absolutely weird and delightful to be able to do this, I never thought learning a conlang could lead to such a surreal exchange (but I realize my grammar is basic at best, I need more practice.)

sina lon ma ko. ken la, telo li weka. taso, suno li poka sina.

You are in the desert. Maybe there is no water, but the sun is on your side.

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ko walo lon ma kasi mi li suno e tomo insa mi.

The snow in my garden illuminates the inside of my house.

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This is the neighbors’ roof, but when I look at it long enough, it opens a dimensional rift to the artificial mountains of a distant alien world.

Here's the quick and dirty kalimba track I started to work on yesterday. It's just me playing live, a bit of reverb, a basic OP-Z beat with random variations, and a few EQ/compression tweaks.

Both the kalimba and the beat were recorded straight with an iPad mic, so it's noisy. Perhaps I'll do a proper recording for the next versions, but I like the ultra fast workflow and the low-fi + reverb vibe (or maybe I'm just lazy.)

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So, let's do . Not sure how it will evolve, I'll probably try slightly different styles every week.

tenpo sike sin li kama. ijo ike pi tenpo pini li awen.

A new year arrives. Bad things from the past remain.

Since I'm still on that cyberpunk games streak, I've started to play The Red Strings Club, and oh boy, finally something that goes deeper than chrome and neon aesthetics!

I don't know where it will lead, but it definitely scratches my "empathy systems in video games" itch, even if it's 90% dialogues and 10% mini-games. Characters debate over progress, humanity and the value of emotions. You prepare special cocktails to alter the mood of your customers. I like it a lot so far.

She’s been sleeping in the worst possible place she could find for three days and seems to actually enjoy it.

I didn’t witness it, but my feline overlords probably fought over the cardboard, which ended up in a totally awkward and unstable position. I guess she won.

I've just beaten >observer_, a cyberpunk horror game with Rutger Hauer (yes, the one from Blade Runner) doing the voice of the protagonist. It was a hell of a trip, a nightmare full of digital madness, blinking screens and twisted flesh.

Here's a few screenshots, some with strong Cronenberg vibes.

I'm finally resuming work on my game project. This is an icon for the character sheet.

Christmas, that moment of the year when grownups hack the hell out of toddlers toys.

Cheap OP-Z hack: I’ve added tiny silicone bumpers on the back. They serve two purposes.

Firstly, I’ve read the case can sometimes bend over time, so the idea is to better support the central part, since there are only four feet. Secondly, these bumpers do an excellent job at securing the OP-Z in place. No more accidental sliding when mashing buttons!

However, the device is now 1 mm higher, since the bumpers are 2 mm high and the regular feet 1 mm high. Not really an issue though :)

I’ve received my copy of WNRS Self-Reflection Edition, but now I’m afraid to play it.

Backing up my OP-Z. Default project files that I haven't modified yet show a date set on... April 9th,1980? I don't know if something special happened then, but it's still a nice Easter egg. Or a cool bug.

My current home studio so small I can carry it everywhere and tweak a few things while doing chores.

Currently on a 500 day finger drumming practice streak on Melodics. Sure, I’m getting a little better every day, but obviously not to the point of completing a lesson step to 101%...

This bug is encouraging nonetheless :)

Here's a single pattern with a bunch of dirty live tweaks. I thought it was 30 seconds long but I had so much fun it's over 3 minutes.

It's messy and absolutely not the direction I thought I was going to, but I'm seeing some kind of aesthetics emerge, and I'm starting to like getting lost.

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OP-Z, possibly lewd 

I’ve finally found a reason to justify keeping these old pants: instant access to main volume. And maybe a new album cover.

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