I think I've finished to define my conlang's phonetic inventory and alphabet. They're pretty much the same as except for three different phonemes and letters - which already makes it slightly less universal.

The idea is to keep it simple and easy to learn, so I won't diverge too much from a proven formula. Since there will be inflections to express temporality and various information, it will be quite more complex, even if the word count should stay under 200.

While the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, which states a language defines how its speakers understand the world, has been discussed for decades, it becomes obvious that, in a language with very few words like , adding or removing a word, or even ordering the priority of its meanings, has a big impact.

What if my language has no word for money, death or conflict? These concepts would still exist, but feel alien, and could only be expressed through workarounds. Poetry, maybe?

Pushed the latest update of my dictionary to SourceHut. It cracks me up to be using such a complicated versioning system for a single HTML file and a bunch of emojis, but I suppose it could be useful to someone, and it's kind of cool to pretend to be a real developer, I guess?


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I've spent most of the day FINALLY updating my dictionary. It now includes 150 words with English and French definitions and glyphs in sitelen pona and sitelen sitelen (though not all sitelen sitelen glyphs are available, Ku words haven't been vectorized as far as I know.) And it works offline, it's a single HTML file with no JavaScript.

I've updated it on my website but SourceHut will have to wait, I'm fed up with web development for a few weeks.


Random reminder to myself: I still need to finish updating my dictionary with the "new" non-pu words.

I think my brain just shut down and decided to forget about it after optimizing too many SVG glyphs.

I've archived all my drawings for here: tokipona.lectronice.com/d/26-t

Big props to the nice folks from toki.social who pointed out a few dumb mistakes I made, I've learned new tricks and that's awesome :)

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:sina: :kama: :kipisi: :tan: :kulupu: :nanpa:
:sina: :kama: :sin: :lon: :ma: :sijelo: :pi: :pali: :ala:

You will be disconnected from the collective.
You will go back to the world of useless bodies.

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I've spent most of the day setting up audio gear for November, because apparently making a crappy neon pink drawing every day in October wasn't enough to satisfy my Sisyphean cravings.

So, starting tomorrow, I'm trading drawing for a daily musical experiment. I suppose it should be part of Novembeat, so I think I'll go for + . Feel free to join :)

(I'll use my drawings as prompts, but here are the official ones if you need some: novembeat.com/prompts/)

:mi: :ken: :ala: :e_: :lukin: :lon: :insa: :lawa: :sina:
:pali: :sina: :e_: :ni: : :sina: :wile: :e_: :toki:

I can’t see what’s inside your mind.
This is your work: you must speak.

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Uh, I've totally missed this post about ku suli glyphs for sitelen sitelen. Turns out 11 new glyphs were added last month in a collaborative effort: jonathangabel.com/2021/nimi-si

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