@johannesg In fact I’m not really a MOD owner, it’s MOD integrated into Zynthian OS, so I don’t use an actual MOD device but an audio-flavored Raspberry Pi. Pretty happy with it though :) I guess real MOD devices are more powerful though, and they look really neat and sturdy.

@flavigula Glad you like it! The truth is I didn't even notice the change, but you just gave me an excellent reason to study more time signatures, it's something I haven't really experimented with yet :)

So, I'm back, one week late to Novembeat. Not sure when I'll catch up, but I will. was supposed to evoke cats of some sort, but after lots of tries and silly effects it became something totally unrelated, and that's probably for the best.

My next Novembeat entries might be delayed as I’ll be on the road for a few days. On the other hand, it will leave me a bit of time to think about the kind of setup I’d like to experiment with for upcoming entries.

was indeed quite fuzzy, with a rather crazy MOD rig. I'm pretty sure I can make something much heavier and fuzzier, but it will require more experimentation.

@flavigula Sounds great! It's also what I had in mind, as I have little time to work on it every day. For me it's a good opportunity to explore both a new physical instrument and new hardware, with a minimal, portable setup.

@flavigula Glad you like it! It's just a little experiment though, I think it can be enhanced a lot. I'll probably iterate over it once Novembeat is finished, try to make it longer, fix the timing issues, tweak the settings for a better mastering... In fact, I still have tons of work to do :)

For , I used a very minimal MOD rig. I removed all effects and tried to get a clean signal to evoke something simple... maybe "small", even if the repetitive nature of the tune probably evokes something more mechanical than small.

@big_chip Yeah, I instantly fell in love with the sound and wanted to get one the moment I heard it, haha. But it's quite the rabbit hole, that may lead to handpans... And it's probably even more expensive than modular synths. I did a lot of research before getting mine, and I'm pretty happy with my choice, but there are many, many options.

@thomasorus After a bit less than 50 hours I'm getting dangerously close to the end (I think), and it's becoming... darker. First time in ages, if not ever, that a game actually makes me feel deep emotions, to the point it kept me awake for a couple of hours last night.

@big_chip I'd say the very fact you're thinking about this means Novembeat makes you grow and is useful to develop your creative process, even if it's not in the way you thought it would :) Personally I'm using new tools that I don't master at all, and it definitely helps me define and refine the shape of a potential musical project that may come later.

@nicod_ I’m using a single steel tongue drum played live because it’s an instrument I’m currently trying to master. My goal is to experiment with different ways of using it connected to a Zynthian, and Novembeat seemed perfect for this. Rules are pretty loose, it’s more guidelines than rules: novembeat.com

@Lutrinus No, it's MOD, integrated into into Zynthian OS. This is the web UI. moddevices.com/

On , I tried new effects. I don't think it sounds "angular" at all, but at least it's different from yesterday.

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