@nleigh Haha yeah, he’s awfully good at striking lazy poses whenever I’m taking a picture, including when he’s not supposed to be in the picture.

@tendigits Yes, I was thinking I could post a picture of the roll then the result, it should be fun. I know there are tons of ways to use these cubes but I never took the time to actually use them, except for a few "tell a quick collaborative story" sessions, it should be a good opportunity.

In fact, I could even post my rolls first thing in the morning, so people could use them as prompt as well if they want to.

Expectations vs. Reality

(this beautiful painting was gifted to me by an old friend a few weeks ago, I finally managed to find a place to hang it since it’s huge, and of course my cat had to photobomb it.)

@tendigits Recently I remembered I own a bunch of Story Cubes, so I’m thinking I could roll a few of them every day as a prompt. I like the idea that the prompts would in fact be pictures instead of words.

@neauoire @jameschip @ritualdust Nice idea! Though I'll probably go the Toki Pona way again, so I was thinking about using random Anki cards as prompts, I don't know yet.

@neauoire I'll probably do it if I manage to get organized enough. Should we use some alternate prompts, and if yes, which ones? Or maybe we could make some kind of Mervtober list?

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@metasyn That’s really interesting, thanks for sharing!

@thomasorus @cblgh Sorry, I know it won’t help, but if I had voted, I would have chosen the last one :P

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In case you missed it, here's the Community Game Showcase for August 2021! It features a diverse set of games being created with RPG in a Box. View full quality here:
#screenshotsaturday #voxel #gamedev #indiedev #godotengine

@la_ninpre sina pona kin! pali pi kalama musi li pona mute. ni li pona tawa jan ale.

@crlf Thanks! I still have to release the whole glyphs pack so anyone can use them easily.

:mi: :pali: :e_: :kalama: :musi:
:kalama: :musi: :li: :pali: :e_: :mi:
:mi: :sona: :ala:
:mi: :pilin: :ale:

I make music
music makes me
I know nothing
I feel everything

@woozong Glad you like it! Trying to recreate it was pretty interesting. The original sounds simple, but it's full of subtle tweaks, its stark minimalism is really inspiring. I'll probably make more similar tracks (not to mention that despite having listened to loads of minimal techno back in the day, for some reason I had never heard of Moritz von Oswald's work, and I absolutely love his style.)

@woozong @pixelflowers Before I forget, it still needs some work, but maybe you guys will enjoy this (thread)

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Remember I said I wanted to recreate Maurizio's M5 dub techno banger? Well, I did. This is just a quick and dirty preview, I'm not sure if it does justice to the original, but I had a blast dissecting and recomposing it on the OP-Z.

It took me 5 minutes to lay down the basic structure, but days to refine it enough to get a half-decent groove. Since I couldn't get the exact same sound, I ended up adding cheesy chords, so it has a more laid-back, dreamy vibe.

@liaizon @onan That's great to see them out in the wild :) This reminds me I still need to bundle them to share them more easily.

@thomasorus In my experience, a cat doesn't really need "education", at least not like a dog, who tends to be a lot more dependent on humans. There's not much to do besides showing them the litter a few times and not letting them go where you don't want to see them.

But like humans, they also all have their own personalities and quirks, and can be annoying jerks at times. It makes sense to wait if you feel you already need some rest.

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