By popular demand, a couple of hops pictures. The first one was taken in early April and the second one today. The plan is to let it crawl on the roof for maximum sun exposure, though I hope ants won’t ruin everything (last year they sure did, since they built a damn anthill inside the pot.)

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Seems like it’s time to brew beer again. My old Centennial hops I transferred from a visibly way too small pot to a nice spot in my garden are growing like crazy and reaching the roof. I’ve ordered some Maris Otter malt and some US-05 yeast, and I hope to make the same batch of SMASHIPA (duh) I manage to brew quite randomly a couple of years ago. That stupid acronym stands for "Single Malt And Single Hops India Pale Ale" and it tastes better than it sounds.

@TeddyDD My main complain about TiddlyWiki is that the UI and the markup kind of suck, and that the resources and interesting plugins are scattered all over the web. But if you take the time to customize it, it's pretty awesome, possibilities are endless. There's also a few great "distributions" for exocortex-oriented use, for example TiddlyRoam or Stroll.

I've just realized that "Markdown" is a pun on "Markup" and my perception of the whole universe has been altered forever.

@slisne can offer a nice plain text (and open source) alternative if set up as a zettelkasten. There’s also for a TiddlyWiki-based solution.

@thomasorus I can relate. Between Pink Floyd and Siudmak, it seems like we had very similar influences. I also remember all of these pictures fondly, they were important to expand my imagination. It's funny how covers and illustrations can be totally underrated despite playing a huge role in how you perceive the work they introduce you to, and also how they can stand as meaningful pieces on their own, even if they're not supposed to.

@emptyfortress I'm playing it right now and it's pretty good for what it is, the dynasty system feels much more personal and involving that the usual abstract god-like entity. I quite enjoy it as some kind of story generator.

But yeah, it totally agree that strategy games could be much more than capitalist warfare simulators. I've always disliked the competitive aspect. Did you try Before We Leave? I'm curious about it, it looks like a step towards a mostly unexplored direction.

@yhancik C’est heureusement plus simple à comprendre qu’à écrire :) Il y a beaucoup de ressources sur le sujet, mais la plupart ne sont pas claires, assez académiques, pour ne pas dire élitistes. De loin le meilleur article que j’ai trouvé sur le sujet : (en bref, c’est un wiki perso, mais avec une méthode rigoureuse et une structure organique qui connectent des notes de manière à générer de nouvelles idées)

In case you're wondering, I'm still working on expanding my entry. It is slowly turning into an experimental roguelike with card-based mechanics, puzzle components and a map you build yourself while playing.

@yhancik I stumbled upon it a few days ago while looking for a Scrivener/Manuskript alternative, which led me to discover the concept of Zettelkasten. I’m now obsessed with it as the notion of personal wiki/exocortex finally makes sense to me in a way it never did before. And yeah, Zettlr itself is great, I like how clean and versatile it is.

@jrc03c It's more focused on blocking crap from third party websites, but it's very good at breaking everything and making you scream at the dark uncaring skies because of the current horrendous state of the web.

@jrc03c uMatrix is quite interesting, you can block about everything by default and selectively unblock what you want (scripts, media, cookies, CSS, XHR...)

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MNT Reform (open hardware laptop) campaign is live:

And here's the Launch Announcement:

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported us to make this happen.

COVID-19, playable simulations 

Game designer Nicky Case has teamed up with an epidemiologist to create an interactive overview of the pandemic's current situation and future. Highly recommended for a better understanding of how the virus works and affects society as a whole:

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Hello Mastodon!

If you don't know me, I'm a super easy to use Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and GNOME with a i3 tiling window manager as the default desktop.

With me, you will learn fast how to use more your keyboard (and less your mouse).

I'm a standalone distribution but I can also be installed on you standard Ubuntu through a PPA.

@nff I had a good first experience with a couple of weeks ago. They’re in Belgium.

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