@0gust1 But they changed their logo's color to green, surely they are totally eco-conscious and care about the biosphere, right?

@Preston Oh it's very basic, I guess a lighter cyan would be better than this default grey, since visited links actually stand out more than unvisited ones.

@Preston I've just added this on my side as a temp fix:

@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {
:root {
--text: white;
--background: black;
--cyan: grey;

Do you mean date issues on my server? If yes, it's a mutualized hosting server, not sure how/if I can fix things here.

@Preston It took me a while to figure out, but in fact I have dark mode enabled by default, so I can't see links :)

@Preston No problem :) Also links look black on black now, but I guess it's normal if you're working on styles.

@Preston Nice! Looks like mine has disappeared from the list though.

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A handful of thoughts that crossed my mind: About the conflict between creating a better world for all and getting our own needs met


@Jeux1d100 I used to do this too, but I forgot it at some point, not sure how or why. That's a great opportunity to start again, thanks for reminding me this!

@nonmateria Some side effect of when you changed your handle I guess?

@TQ Sometimes it's good to take a break from what you usually do and come back with a refreshed mind. I'm sure you'll have tons of new interesting ideas to try! (says the person who also hasn't made music in ages but oh well this sounds like a great excuse, doesn't it?)

@TQ Oh no, I will miss this project! What will you do next? I suggest composing one track for every picture you took :P

Lately I’ve been trying to actively sleep more, because sleep is important, among many other things, for proper muscle building (weight lifting is apparently my new restrained interest.)

So I’m getting about one hour more sleep per night. Guess what’s coming back? Dreams. At this point I had almost forgotten about them. It was a thing of the past, a lost treasure of youth.

That late hour spent browsing random crap on the web? Spend it sleeping. It’s worth way more than what you imagine.

@rosano Oh yeah, he's quite amazing. I don't remember the details, but the MIDI Fighter 64 he's using has been designed by/for him, he was using a prototype before they actually started to mass produce it.

I own a regular 16 buttons MIDI Fighter and I can barely use half of them properly, haha.

@thomasorus Looks like you've done loads of work and massive progress, keep going on but don't get burnt out.

I've got a couple of desktop stands from work, so my two monitors are now about 10 cm higher. Suddenly my workspace has become infinitely more comfortable and functional.

I feel about as stupid as the time I noticed my chair had been set to the lowest possible position for years.

And the best thing is I can now cram the loads of useless garbage usually littering my desk straight under my monitors (I've heard it's sometimes called "tidying up".)

@cancel @rosano Haha yeah, "unwanted" was probably a bit heavy on the self-flagelling irony side. Joke aside, the more I dig into this, the more muscle gain looks like a nice byproduct compared to the many interesting processes and lifestyle changes it requires.

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