kala kule pi tawa ala li lape lon noka pi telo suli.
Coral lies at the bottom of the sea.

day 20

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I'm having so much fun with the Orba I'm pretty close to get some small hardware sampler/sequencer to make actual tracks on the fly with it.

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nanpa wan, la sina kama nasa. nanpa tu, la sina kama sona.
First you become dizzy, then you become wise.

day 19

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olin li ilo alasa: tenpo suno wan, la ona li weka.
Love is a trap: one day, it will be gone.

day 18

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The first Micro Fiction Game Jam will start on the 1st of November, this is also when the theme for the jam will be revealed.


During the jam people are encouraged to write and submit tabletop games that fit in a single tweet (280 characters).

telo sewi pi ike suli li lon pilin mi, taso uta mi li pana e kalama ala.
A big storm is in my heart, yet my mouth makes no sound.

day 17

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ilo utala seli li kama tan sewi pimeja.
Rockets come from the dark sky.

day 16

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tomo utala taso li awen lon ma utala ante.
A lone outpost remains on the alien battlefield.

day 15

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@jameschip Pretty cool! I think there's a "m" after a dot that shouldn't be here in the "What can I enter?" part though.

mi wile open e selo kiwen pi pilin mi, tan mi sona ala e olin.
I need to open the armor of my heart because I do not know how to love.

day 14

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@rek Glad to see you've published a couple new pages since the last time I read Circa, I enjoyed it a lot.

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@jameschip Hahaha that would be quite the challenge! Though honestly designing a game in Toki Pona is something I intend to attempt at some point, sounds like a good exercise. Not sure if it would be a larp though.

o awen e tenpo mute, la nena ale li kama nena kiwen ko.
Wait long enough, and all mountains will become dunes.

day 13

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