toki pona 

@c0debabe I'd definitely try these, it would be pretty refreshing compared to Anki cards.

@neauoire Yes, it's the direction I started to follow, it's definitely way lighter and efficient than all the crap I usually add.

@deianeira Haha, I have tons of unfinished tracks as well, and I haven't released something I'd consider a real album in years. That's also probably why I'm driven towards more minimalism, I often feel like I'm wasting time worrying about non-essential details instead of simply making things. But simplicity is hard.

@deianeira Your website is absolutely mesmerizing by the way, it's the perfect album cover generator.

@deianeira Thanks a lot for the examples! That's inspiring, I see plenty of interesting things, including ways of using CSS variables I would have never thought about.

@deianeira Sure, I'd be curious to see your work. I woke up with the idea of making some kind of hybrid between a now page and a blog, where I'd archive each page (a simple list of what I'm interested in at the moment) every month. I thought it might be a good opportunity to make something truly simple, for once.

@deianeira I'm just experimenting with classless CSS for a few small pages. I'd like to make something as lightweight as possible, but with a tiny bit of eyecandy to avoid that plain old HTML look.

I searched for "minimalist CSS", hoping to find examples of actually minimalist CSS, and all the results are CSS frameworks. This is absurd.

@nf Nice, thanks for the recommendation, I didn’t know this brand.

@FredBednarski @glyph It's quite cheap, around $30 or less. Apparently you can use the additional USB ports for anything, including USB drives, that's handy for sure.

@sankakujin @neauoire Haha, I guess it should be possible to hack a Pi Zero W into a (big) mouse and set up a somewhat working computer, possibly with little to no cables thanks to its wireless capabilities.

@robert No, they’re all good old USB-A, and the power cable is micro USB. The only USB-C port is the one used for powering the Pi.

@glyph Yeah, I expect it to be really cheap, but it’s pretty nice. Clearly not a mechanical keyboard, but it feels quite good. And it offers 3 USB ports next to the power cable, which is really handy.

@robert It looks and feel quite good. Definitely not mechanical, and I doubt the legends will hold for long under heavy use, but it seems sturdy enough. Keys aren’t squishy. What I really like is that it also acts a USB hub, there’s 3 free ports next to the power cable.

@neauoire Haha yeah, when my dad told me he was sending me a Pi 4, I thought it was just the board, but he took the whole package. There’s even a second HDMI cable for dual display, not to mention a big manual with tons of tutorials. I like how casual, beginner-friendly it is, it has nice family computer vibe.

The official Raspberry Pi 4 desktop bundle is cute. The mouse is as big as the computer! Now the only problem is I’m not even sure I have a HDMI screen somewhere in the house.

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