2305.06.23 - Zot Cluster, Ishtrum

The People of Maz are partying like there’s no tomorrow. Our adopted space amoeba and interstellar mascot, the glorious Fluffy, has reached her hundredth birthday. Far from suffering from old age, she's grown to titanic proportions and has become a giant living weapon, more powerful than any known battleship.

She’s currently celebrating by devouring a few dozens of pirate spaceships in our peripheral systems.

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A while ago I started to learn finger drumming because I thought it was the closest thing I could find to learn how to play the steel tongue drum, and I was right. I’ve developed much better rhythmic skills over the months.

The problem is I’m now equally loving both except I barely have a budget for one of these things. They feed each other and I don’t know which one I should prioritize.

@pyrho Sorry to hear this. Did you try to make some kind of bridge? Maybe it could be fixed with a small enamel coated wire. Anyway next time I'll go for USB-C and I'll secure the port with some epoxy just in case.

@s_ol Good idea, thanks for the tip! I’ll try to remove more solder with my pump, thought it seems useless at this point, then go for your solution if it still refuses to move.

So, I finally felt bold enough to try to repair that broken Pro Micro port on my split keyboard.

Turns out Pro Micro microcontrollers aren't only known for having god awful USB ports that break all the time for no reason.

They're also famous for being a pain to remove once soldered. And of course, I need to remove it for my (hypothetical and complicated) port repair.

I'm giving up for now, pissed off and defeated, before destroying the microcontroller, the PCB, or both.

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2304.02.20 - Zot Cluster, Hoshfir Prime

In an unexpected turn of events, we had to welcome a whole flotilla of Prikki refugees fleeing Djomar's forces. The reptiles were wandering helplessly from system to system in hope of settling somewhere before running out of supplies.

They look a lot less aggressive than their crazy leaders, and more grateful than genocidal. Maybe we should, as comrade @rezmason suggested, offer them to sunbath on top of our Lithoid citizens to make them feel at home.

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Just finished reading The Player of Games by Iain M. Banks. Quite different from Consider Phlebas, the first Culture book. More contemplative, less action-packed. I found it entertaining and well written, with interesting worldbuilding, but not outstanding. I’m not sure why, but I haven’t found any Banks character especially likable yet. Overall it felt a bit like a demilitarized version of Ender’s Game.

2303.08.07 - Zot Cluster, Yuhthaan Majoris

Our archeological efforts on the Precursors homeworld have revealed lots of historical data. It seems that after two millions years, desperately looking for intelligent alien life, they met a younger species, and ironically, their own doom. They panicked, tried to eradicate them, and lost the war.

We've also found an ancient Cryo Core that could drastically reduce our fleets' energy consumption, and fabulous quantities of minerals and rare gases.

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2303.03.06 - Zot Cluster, Mazov Central

Much to the surprise of our people, after our new presidential elections, Ockten Staneef has replaced the winning Oracle as Presiding Speaker.

Instead of a second mandate, the Oracle has chosen to swap her seat with her opponent and become the new Governor of the Hoshfir Prime sector instead. No doubt her predicting algorithms have played their part in this strange decision.

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2302.05.04 - Uncharted Space, Mihil

Thanks to the recovery and study of many alien artifacts over the last century, and to our recent acquisitions from the Numistic Order, we've finally been able to locate a new hyperlane.

It should lead us to the home system of a very ancient species we’ve dubbed as the Precursors. Their world lies at the periphery of the galaxy but within our borders, in Mihil, a system we couldn’t detect until now.

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2300.07.02 - Zot Cluster, Mazov Central

Once their puny fleets took a beating, Eruxo Enterprises admitted defeat faster than expected. But before we could notice anything, they played a dirty bureaucratic trick to keep the Jarad system out of our peace agreement.

It was the only system we were actually interested in because of its natural wormhole. Needless to say, after the mandatory 10 year truce between our two empires, we may show a bit of animosity.

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2300.06.23 - Eruxo Enterprises, Jarad

Our scouts have discovered a natural wormhole in Jarad, a system we're about to free from Eruxo's influence. With a little luck, we could use it as a conduit through subspace, and get access to a friendlier sector of the galaxy.

We've also met the Numistic Order. They belong to an organization of nomadic merchants and seem to be specialized in rare and ancient devices. Our scientists have shown a lot of interested in acquiring a few of their artifacts.

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Its 2020 so get with the future. Delete your Facebook and start your own website instead.

@ghost_bird I’ve started The Player of Games, Use of Weapons will come next. Not sure if it’s the best way to read them but I’ve heard following the publication order is fine. It’s been ages since I’ve last read some sci-fi (or even fiction) so I felt the need to dive into a big universe with many books.

@ghost_bird Yes, more clever than deep sums it up well. I kind of expected something more like Le Guin, but it’s still good for what it is.

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