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"Today, DRM stands as a perfect example of everything terrible about monopolies, surveillance, and shareholder capitalism."

"We gave up on owning things – property now being the exclusive purview of transhuman immortal colony organisms called corporations – and we were promised flexibility and bargains. We got price-gouging and brittle­ness."

boingboing.net/2019/09/03/the- & locusmag.com/2019/09/cory-doct

@drisc @lucaorio Wow, that's a pretty awesome video version of The Egg, probably the best I've seen (and I've seen a lot of them.) Thanks for sharing this!

I guess it's time for a shameless plug, since I made a game adapted from The Egg a while ago :) lectronice.itch.io/the-egg (though now I think it looks pale in comparison... this video has a much more cheerful and positive vibe.)

@liaizon Apparently most of the code is under GNU GPL 2, but there’s also some CC and at least one plugin (Pianotek) is closed source.

@liaizon My bad, I thought you were talking about the Hallway. Good question lol, I assumed it was GPL but now I’m not sure.

@liaizon It’s MIT, there’s a LICENSE file at the root.

@liaizon I had little time to play with my Zynthian so far but it's also interesting in a similar way: very flexible, easily hackable, can be used for synthesis, live effects, recording... The same result with pure hardware would cost hundreds if not thousands of bucks (though I guess CPU limits might be reached quite fast, it's just a Pi after all, but it's impressive nonetheless).

@liaizon Thanks! Yeah, I think the Hallway has a lot of potential, it's so simple, yet so full of possibilities... I can be turned into any kind micro[something], not to mention the multi-user and the wiki parts... Since I've added basic image support I keep thinking it could be used for a decentralized community gallery, maybe I'll try to explore this further at some point.

@dym I fact I’ve set it narrower myself to gain some space, mostly because I have a tiny phone screen. I’ve got used to it :)

@ckipp Thanks! When I saw the Hallway I though that I could try to use it as a kind of hybrid between a blog and a time tracker, since I’m apparently unable to maintain a real blog nor to use a time tracker regularly. Seems like this workflow is fine for me so far, using the channels and tags is pretty useful for a quick a overview of my projects, and I love how everything is easily editable within a single text file.

@faun I think I'll show him your avatar rotated at 90 degrees clockwise and cover my ears as he makes that brain-melting shrieking scream he likes to emit since a few days.

It’s still very WIP, and it will probably break several times a day since I keep messing with code I don’t fully understand, but here’s my ongoing attempt at changing the Hallway into a personal microblog:

It includes a grid-like display, a tiny PHP backend for easy posting and editing, image support, and various small tweaks. It’s far from being finished, but I enjoy using and modifying it a lot.

@npisanti Well not really, the core of the Zynthian box I received a week ago is a Pi 3 B+... I guess I’ll look for an alternative when I’ll feel the need to upgrade it though.

@faun So I showed your avatar to my son, and he thinks it's a rabbit. However, it took him a few seconds and he seemed slightly suspicious. He'll probably hate me for the rest of his life when he'll learn the truth.

@noue I didn't think about the attack, thanks for you input! I suppose I could add an envelope layer to try to smooth it if needed.

@noue Thanks :) I'm learning how to use it a bit more every day, there's so much more subtlety than what I initially expected, I really like it.

I thought about contact mics because at the moment I don't have much time (nor space) to set up a proper recording system. I recorded a bit with my Zoom H2 but I often lack a quiet environment for optimal results. In fact it would mostly be a mobile setup, just the drum and a zynthian box, for quick sessions.

@noue It's for this instrument: youtu.be/2DQrhZE-Vrw -- I don't intend to record it with a lot accuracy, the idea is mainly to get a clear signal without ambient noise that I can then route through various layers of echo and distortion. Since it's quite small I'm not sure how many mics I should use or how big they should be (not to mention where I should install them, probably right in the middle under the dome, I guess).

@faun Deepdream by simply reframing pictures instead of running them through insanely complex algorithms sounds pretty solarpunk.

@noue That's right, I didn't think that color would also play a role, but orange is indeed a major feature to define a fox. Seems like there are several ways of seeing foxes in this picture, @faun has another interpretation. Or maybe it's the combination of different visual clues that creates the concept of a fox we can't really see as adults.

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