@TQ Now I think about it, most of my color choices in the last decade may have been influenced by the fact that cats put hair everywhere all the time. So grey is usually the more practical color, since I have a bunch of feline overlords :)

@TQ I've always been more fond of black, grey, sometimes brown clothes, even if I still appreciate other colors. In my misspent youth I had a few colored outbursts. I remember wearing an electric blue jacket, a fuschia salopette... for a while I also had bleached henna dyed hair (so actually bright orange, haha.) But it wasn't with any aesthetics in mind, just some kind of self-affirmation.

@TQ This makes me realize I never really bothered with colors for my own look despite having spent quite a few years in an art school. I don't know why.

@rekagotik No, it's on a small forum I set up when I started to learn the language : tokipona.lectronice.com -- I lurk on ma pona from time to time, but it feels a bit too busy for me :)

I just hacked the Markdown formatting with CSS, if you put something between "***" it will be displayed as glyphs instead of bold italics.

@TQ The way it matches your sweater is really nice. It's funny how more educated I feel regarding makeup since you've started this. I mean, there are universal color rules that can work in a variety of contexts, but it feels different when worn by someone. This is a whole world of subtle choices I never thought about :)

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theatrical clown work, request for help 

Several of you have met and/or read about my newest clown persona Chadwick. I've written out a request for help here:
or for those of you without a gemini browser; here's a webportal link: portal.mozz.us/gemini/whirling
The TL;DR is that if you have spare small men's clothes, please send them to me for use in shenanigans!

Upgrading my gentle "Care Package" stretching workout to the rather brutal and aptly named "Tug of War" isometric stretching. Which is described as pitting muscles groups against each others, causing muscle instability.

I love anything isometric, but I hope I won't explode. I did just one set, and it felt more demanding than the actual dumbbell workout I do right before this.

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Apparently, I'm now making some kind of trip hop. Quick and dirty render as usual. I'm having a blast, as I'm starting to understand the vision behind the OP-Z. While it has tons of automation features, it's designed in a way that puts live manipulations first. Traditional "song building" is limited, the focus is on doing crazy stuff within patterns and taming randomness. And it's pure fun.

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@RussSharek I love how incredibly alien yet totally familiar it feels. It also makes me think I need to write long form pieces. I keep using the same words, the same kind of structures, and I'm far from having explored the true extent of context in Toki Pona. I mean, what if the context was a few pages long? Surely one can reach deep layers of meaning that couldn't be seen otherwise.

Discussing grammar in sitelen pona (a linear glyph script) about a drawing made using sitelen sitelen (a non-linear writing system.)

This is absolutely weird and delightful to be able to do this, I never thought learning a conlang could lead to such a surreal exchange (but I realize my grammar is basic at best, I need more practice.)

Sadness, music 

@TQ Music can have this effect, it has happened to me a few times too. Sometimes you just manage to pull something out of your heart and shape it as a sound. It's painful, but it has a meaning only you can give. I hope you'll feel better soon, sending hugs.

I've stopped using the prompts from Inktober52 by the way, I don't see the point anymore.

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sina lon ma ko. ken la, telo li weka. taso, suno li poka sina.

You are in the desert. Maybe there is no water, but the sun is on your side.

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I've spent most of the day blissfully headbanging on my own beats. But more than the beats, it's the chords and the melody I'm happy with. Not because they're good (they're pretty basic), but because for once, I understand how everything fits together. It's hugely satisfying.

To the surprise of no one but me, learning how to play the keyboard seems to enhance my understanding of music theory.

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After a couple of years drooling over handpans, and a lot of joy with my tiny 6 notes steel tongue drum, I've finally decided to get a Rav Vast. It's technically not a handpan, but I've grown more fond of their sound (not to mention they're sturdier and cheaper.)

I want to drown in massive sustained waves of soothing harmonics.


@TQ Wow, major album cover material here! (yes, I say this half of the time, sorry...) I didn't even know gray lipstick was a thing. I can't quite tell what it makes me think about, the result feels both surreal and colorful, yet minimalist and almost neutral. As if your lips and eyes colors were cancelling each other, maybe. Fabulous indeed!

@avalon I should definitely try to do this, but my absurd completionist tendencies make me want to follow the whole night. We'll see if I manage to wake up early enough :)

Once again, I'm failing to stay awake for . At least, I managed to make some music I'm happy with, but it depleted the little energy I had left. One day, I swear, I'll end up going to bed 6 hours earlier to be ready.

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