@manifoldslug I second Kentucky Route Zero, it’s an amazing game. In a slightly different genre, Disco Elysium is also a must-play. Both have a unique atmosphere with deep philosophical undertones and intimate feelings you rarely see in video games.

@esi I usually don’t play AAA games but lately I’ve tried Death Stranding and I really enjoy it.

The worldbuilding is weird, sci-fi apocalyptic horror with ghosts hunting the living and delivery men on foot carrying fetuses in bottles to detect ghosts.

The gameplay is oddly relaxing, it’s a literal walking simulator in lush landscapes where you just adjust your cargo weight and avoid falling. And the vibe is pretty positive, it’s all about connecting isolated people and helping to rebuild.

@yhancik That would be awesome for dancing though, even if rather dangerous :)

(honestly I think at this point you can add any word before "bell" and get a somewhat functioning fitness device, there are too many of them.)

@esi I've shared it a while ago, so sorry if you already know it or saw it, but I can recommend Meute. I find their music highly energetic, not to mention the sound quality of their official videos is exceptional: youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0F

Get better soon :)

I should mention, I've been lifting weights for two years, I'm now vaguely athletic, I use dumbbells up to 40 kg for a few exercises, I regularly swing a 20 kg kettlebell, I can deadlift close to 100 kg. That's not much, but it's still incredible compared to my previous self.

But a 8 kg clubbell? I think I've chosen the right weight, as in "damn challenging weight that I can barely lift but that's okay, I'll make some slow and painful progress if I survive."

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8 kg is so light, I said, grabbing a , and instantly realizing I was widely optimistic when I considered swinging that thing around my head.

After quite a few tries, I still managed to hold it in a passably vertical way and to do basic exercises without knocking myself out nor killing my attention-seeking cat.

That feeling when releasing a club in the air and grabbing it with the other hand? I'm totally addicted. I'm not eager to endure tomorrow's soreness, but I had a blast.

@thomasorus This is gloriously brutal, hallucinatory and sad, and it resonates with me much more than I'd like.

@sprkwd I see he's touring until November, and so does Author & Punisher, though he stops the tour a bit earlier apparently.

I'm going to see this guy live in a couple of weeks, along with Scalping and Perturbator, and I'm definitely jealous of his "drums" setup. Also, yes, I'll wear earplugs this time.


I’ve ordered a pair of clubbells to get me motivated to exercise outside. It’s quite different from traditional weight lifting. The idea is to use lighter weights, but with a displaced center of gravity that puts a strong emphasis on torque.

While less adapted to hypertrophy training, workouts involve wider ranges of motion and much more mobility. I’ve got a shoulder injury that needs some love, so it might be helpful. And swinging heavy steel clubs in the garden sounds like a lot of fun.

@Shrigglepuss "soul-destroying loud" perfectly describes the experience. Walls of noise and heartbreaking melodies at the same time :)

@klardotsh That will be handy, especially since I only knew the shitty foam ones. Thanks!

@klardotsh Haha yeah, you're totally right, I'll wear some next time. It's been ages since I last went to see such a loud band, I'm not used to earplugs, but it's the smart thing to do :)

Last night I saw Mono, the Japanese post-rock band (though they don’t like this label, like most post-rock bands.) That was freaking awesome. They’re masters at alternating intimate quiet moments with epic explosions of violence, all within a deeply emotional frame of intertwined joy and melancholy. It was beautiful and cathartic. I used to listen to them many years ago, but I didn’t feel an ounce of nostalgia. It was more like closure. I think I cried a bit, and I’m likely closer to deafness.

@albi Grav is great, I used it a few years ago and it seems to have evolved quite a bit (though it also seems to have gained a Wordpress vibe I don't like that much, but that's probably just the optional admin panel.) It could be better than Pico, I'll have to play a bit with it. I didn't know Docusaurus, it looked interesting... until I noticed it comes from Facebook and uh, that's a big no-no for me, open source or not.

@metasyn Haha, that’s me every couple of years or so :)

@yhancik Yes, I saw using a Git repository could be an interesting option, versioning and syncing would be pretty simple. I could add this to my pipeline. Currently I sync my files with NextCloud, it’s mostly fine but kind of random sometimes.

@albi I have a bunch of files I usually edit locally then output with Eleventy, I’d love to also being able to edit them on the go. Hugo works similarly to Eleventy as far as I know, it seems pretty solid, but yeah, it’s dependent on the machine you’re using it on. I’m also using Obsidian in parallel and I thought about the paid publish plugin, which looks really slick, but it’s quite expensive. A Markdown-based flat-file CMS like Pico would allow a lot of freedom, ay least in theory.

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