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Today I discovered Mölkky, which was a lot of fun. I played it with some coworkers. Some I had never met, others I had not seen in a year. I can't remember the last time I participated in a real life social event with more than 4 people.

I sure live in a strange timeline.

@dokoissho That would be a double dumbbell front squat, providing you're handling a gnome with each hand. Though double garden gnome front squat sounds better.

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@dokoissho Haha, I think that might work if you’re holding a rusty short sword or maybe a bucket of green paint while squatting.

@cancel I only managed to make awful stuff with it, but it was amazing nonetheless.

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i renamed github.com/0dataapp/small-web- to 'doorless app ring' to encourage anyone with a 'no-login' project to join. it can be like the ones feature on tinytools.directory, or even server-side information resources like searchmysite.net or 0data.app. it just means 'someone can show up and start using it immediately'.

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I’ve been annoyed for weeks because I didn’t feel I was making any progress on the RAV Vast. My technique was good enough, but nothing interesting emerged from my attempts to make some tunes.

I just played a random pattern casually while putting my 3-year old to bed and a melody appeared out of nowhere. Really simple, but whole, and responding perfectly to the other patterns I’ve been toying with since I started months ago. My own hands surprised me. Maybe I live for these moments.

@dokoissho A squatting movement while holding a weight vertically with both hands. Which, I guess, kind of looks like you're holding a goblet of some sort.

@metasyn Haha, glad to hear this :) Honestly it's life-changing, as it basically forces you to get a healthy lifestyle if you want to see some progress. I have a few notes on specific topics on my website, but nothing that actually describes the experience. I should write something about it, that's a good idea :)

If you take a look here, maybe notes like cutting, bulking, dumbbell, kettlebell and powerblock may interest you: now.lectronice.com/notes/

A few months ago, a dozen of goblet squats with a 20 kg kettlebell was a tremendous effort that used to get me out of breath on the floor and sore for three days.

This morning, I did 5 sets of 16 goblet squats. It was just the first part of my 1-hour workout, which uses weights around 18 to 23 kg for most exercises.

The moral of this story is that weight lifting is a Sisyphean self-inflicted torture that teaches you to enjoy the pain and gets you addicted to your own personal hell. I love it.

More Salem, but this time remixed by Atari Teenage Riot. The video is made with parts of A Jester's Tale, a mesmerizing 1964 Czech film with surreal B&W collage aesthetics.


@freedcreative @rosano You're welcome! I agree it's quite fascinating, and beyond the theory itself it personally gave me interesting insights on the history of science and philosophy. Quantum physics are weird :)

@freedcreative @rosano This is from "Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe", by Robert Lanza & Bob Berman. There's also a couple of other books, this is the first one. Try to get past the "I'm a world-famous scientist and Time influential person" marketing bullshit on the website, the books have a different tone.


@neauoire Godspeed, and please don't run into more book-inspiring situations (or do, but be safe!)

@rosano This is from a book about the biocentric universe theory, where space and time are mental frameworks used to give shape to the world when it’s observed, the universe being in an undefined probability state when it’s not. It’s less silly than it may sound, and heavily backed by quantum mechanics.

@thomasorus @focus404 I’m looking into yurts designed for permanent use, following the latest insulation norms (which are pretty strict), so I’m not worried. Heating is apparently very efficient. Also, the north is not especially cold. Temperatures are less extreme than in the more continental areas further south. And sure, it’s wet, but the last few years have seen increasingly more sun, "thanks" to climate change.

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