@s_ol lol Haha, this sounds awfully familiar... I've also been tempted by the EZ, though at this point I'm not sure I could buy something I won't build myself. It's really hugely satisfying to use something you've spent hours to solder and configure. But yeah, research can be pretty time-consuming even if you don't buy anything, it's addictive in its own way. On the other hand, it's also learning and making, not just buying (yeah I know, weak excuse, heh...)

@hund Lesson learned :) I didn’t know they were knockoffs though, since it was the first time I built a full keyboard, I ordered them with the rest of the kit. I think I’ll get an Elite-C to replace it (USB-C is so much better!) but before that I’ll try to fix this crappy port. Even if I fail I still need to desolder the controller, so it may be worth a try.

Ever heard of the curse of the ? It's real.

1. Look for a broken microcontroller USB-C replacement.
2. Find a shop on the same continent you're living in.
3. Notice the shop also sells a jaw-dropping low-profile 40% split keyboard kit with rotary encoders and OLED displays.
4. End up with a cart totalizing ten times the value of the microcontroller.
5. Realize you now need three microcontrollers: one for the repair, and two for the kit.
6. Despair, close tab.
7. Go to step 1.

@electret @drisc I think I'll try but I'll need to de-solder the whole controller first, then hope the fix will actually hold for a while. Also I don't have such tiny wires nor epoxy. In both cases I'll need new supplies and a lot of patience.

@drisc Yeah, it looks like heroic level soldering, haha. Maybe I'll attempt it: instructables.com/id/Fixing-an (or maybe I'll get an Elite-C, but it's not cheap and I guess I'll need two of them.)

@neauoire I guess it slowly got worn out over the months. Since it's a tiny split keyboard I tend to move both parts quite often depending on the space I need on my desk, but I didn't expect this. Maybe it's time to upgrade it to USB-C.

OMFG the main micro USB port of my Levinson just literally fell off! I simply moved the keyboard a bit further to the left on my desk.

I'm discovering that Pro Micro controllers are famous for their shit port. You'd expect something you've built yourself to break, sure... but not the parts you've never tampered with. I'm really pissed off, I love this keyboard and I use it every day...

Fixing the port seems doable but hard, I'm not sure what to do.

2264.01.10 - Zot Cluster, Mazov Central

Our scientists hesitate between two research domains. While not mutually exclusive, they might change our whole society.

Gene tailoring would allow us to make our own bodies more adaptive and efficient, and able to grow and learn as fast as carbon-based life forms.

Robotic engineering would let us build synthetic citizens to perfectly suit our needs, but with potentiality even more ethical and societal issues to deal with.

What should we focus on?

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2263.02.05 - Zot Cluster, Strategic Command

Our allies from Djomar want our help for a pincer attack on the Prikkiki-Ti. These xenocidal reptiles are a major threat to the galaxy and must be dealt with quickly. But we have a logistical problem.

We can’t access Prikkiki-Ti territory. The ruthless Eruxo megacorp controls the former Prime Animus hyperlanes that would lead us there. Worse: if the Animus gets involved, we won’t be able to defend their systems without attacking Eruxo first.

@TeddyDD This looks great, I love how they explain their design choices. Maybe I’ll try it to replace Fira Code.

2262.05.24 - 2259.11.28 - Zot Cluster, Inegore

Admiral Nock-Sheen has jokingly confirmed that the Ghost Flotilla is now made of actual ghosts. To prevent future piracy threats, we've started to build defense platforms in all high-risk systems.

Meanwhile, we've been contacted by the Hydari Confederation, a theocratic republic. Surprisingly, while spiritual, they're not fanatic, and even value equality. We could get along... Too bad they're located on the other side of the galaxy.

@rostiger I'm also working on my own time tracker and I'm pretty sure I'll find news ways to improve it about every day until I die :)

Discovery of the day: I've managed to hack some kind of very basic way of sorting my microblog posts depending on the day of the week, and surprisingly I'm more productive on Wednesday. My next goal is to discover why.

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Just finished reading Don’t sleep, there are snakes by Daniel L. Everett, thanks to @neauoire. It’s a thought-provoking book about the Pirahã Indians of Brazil, which offers a unique view on what it means to be "civilized".

Survival, linguistics, culture, perception, faith, modernity, globalization... It deals with many interesting topics, and in the end, it manages to make you feel more alien than the so-called primitive people it describes. Highly recommended.

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