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For anyone interested, this is the website (in French) of the association cofounded by the author of the book: — I haven’t read everything yet, but there’s lot of inspiring material to help getting organized against climate change.

My "log" hasn’t been updated since 7 months, it needs to change drastically. I lack the time and skills to make my own blog/wiki engine, so I’m currently trying to hack together a single user version of the Hallway with a mini PHP backend to replace it.

I’ve just finished reading a book, something worth mentioning since it didn’t happen in years. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in our future as a species. It’s short, to the point, easy to read (if you read French) and sums up pretty well which societal changes we’ll need in order to survive the next few decades.

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I'm so happy to announce that RPG in a Box is finally available on Steam! Hooray! 🛠️😊🎉 Have fun creating, and thanks so much for your ongoing support! ❤️
#gamedev #indiedev #voxel #godotengine

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Early Access is set to start on Monday! There's still a long journey ahead, and I truly appreciate everyone's ongoing patience and support as I pursue this dream of mine! ❤️ #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #voxel #godotengine

I felt the itch to mess with the Hallway's styling. It's hard to use a grid display that doesn't mess up with readability, but it's fun to experiment with it, and I like learning new CSS properties. Maybe I'll reduce the number of entries to make everything fit on a single screen, I don't know yet.

Turns out drinking coffee with ice cubes for breakfast is much more enjoyable than what I expected.

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The Steam demo version of RPG in a Box is now available for Linux! 🐧
Many thanks to @akien for his help in working through some compile issues. 😊 #gamedev #indiedev #voxel #godotengine

I've just looked at my Twitter timeline for the first time in months, and I wonder how I got used to something so insanely confusing. Algorithmic sorting is a terrible idea, not to mention the insertion of even more random crap between tweets.

How the hell did we go from properly sorting information to mixing it in such a chaotic way? It's just pure distraction and awful user experience. Engineered attention-whoring. I don't see anything social here, it's an advertisement network.

Got a double 3D-printed upgrade for my Levinson, thanks to my good friend @Jami_HD. It’s not perfect since there’s a 2 mm gap and a few dirty hacks to make everything fit, but this new middle layer plays well with the LEDs, and does an excellent job at keeping the dust away.

This morning, while showering, I had bizarre idea (as usual when showering). A musical toy that's a bit similar to ORCΛ, though much simpler. I might attempt to actually develop it, or at least make a very basic prototype, I'm not sure yet.

Personal, pet death 

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I really need to update — add a grayscale mode, and maybe the stuff I’ve worked on for the past three years...

I tend to forget about it because it’s painful to update, and instead I set up more blogs, personal wikis, time trackers and other online tools to play with, but in fact, it’s already all of this, in its own twisted way.

I love when people discover it randomly since I don’t publicize it, but maybe I should make it my "official" homepage again?

Finger drumming is all fun and laughing until you realize you have ten fingers but no idea how to use more than two at once.

I wanted to improve my rhythm skills so I tried Melodics... and I ended up subscribing for one year. Which led me to get a MPD218 because the 8 pads of my MPKmini weren’t enough for some lessons (and 16 are still not enough, a few of them require up to 64 pads).

I’m addicted. Now I guess the next step is sampling my drum to play impossible chords with my pads... and possibly add a bit of ORCΛ black magic in the mix. Seems like I’m finally back to making music.

Steel tongue drums are a gateway drug to finger drumming.

Back from a medieval fair. Maybe it was the surreal blend of modern and ancient clothes, or the awe-inspiring choirs played in loop, or the actual Gallo-Roman ruins where it took place, or a couple of familiar faces I hadn’t seen in years...

At some point, I experienced an overwhelming feeling. Past, present and future overlapped.

I can’t stop wondering if in two thousand years, people will party in the ruins of some fossil fuels era megalopolis, disguised as the ghosts of today.

This is atrocious/awesome:

A true web design lesson, in a way.

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