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It’s still very WIP, and it will probably break several times a day since I keep messing with code I don’t fully understand, but here’s my ongoing attempt at changing the Hallway into a personal microblog:

It includes a grid-like display, a tiny PHP backend for easy posting and editing, image support, and various small tweaks. It’s far from being finished, but I enjoy using and modifying it a lot.

Hey, has anyone experience with contact microphones for live instruments? I've found a few interesting ones at affordable prices but most often it's either for experimental field recording or strings, strings and strings. I can't find anything about idiophones / steel tongue drums, so I've no idea how well standard contact mics would work with them.

I've bought this geeky t-shirt a while ago and my 20 months old son has decided that sand worms are in fact foxes. He keeps gleefully using the exact same "word" when pointing at them and at any fox in any children's book.

I still have no idea how he can see foxes here, since he's usually surprisingly good at identifying abstract shapes. But wow, just imagine: Dune with gigantic blue-eyed sand foxes. How awesome would that be?

epilogue: it’s freaking awesome. Easy to build, it worked as soon as I booted it. I’m still pondering the possibilities of that thing. They look endless (okay, except for CPU power.)

There’s a massive amount of synths and FX to play with. Add a MIDI controller, an audio source, or both, and build layer upon layer of crazy stuff until the Pi melts. You can use Pd and MOD-UI patches, save snapshots, record live sessions, mess with the system via SSH... And it’s !

And... the last episode of lectronice vs. Zynthian will be released tomorrow. Spoiler: seems like I’ve won.

I’ve now inserted the encoders into the top case part, connected them to the display circuit, added the knobs, and... put rubber feet at the bottom of the case (not pictured.)

Resuming Zynthian operations. I’ve secured the Zynaptik module inside the case. Given its appearance and the awful pun on its name, I guess it’s a circuit that acts as an interface between all other components. I’ve also connected the main ribbon bus cable to the Pi and the Zynaptik.

Next step: mounting the screen. Nothing complicated, but it required a bit of dexterity to put and keep everything in place while screwing the bolts and nuts.

And that’s all for today. Note for self: I forgot to secure the Zynaptic module inside the bottom part of the case, whatever that is...

Then it was time to install the Raspberry Pi in the case. Before that, I had to sort out a bunch of bolts and separators in order to assemble the HiFiBerry soundcard and the Pi. Once done, I wondered how the heck I’d insert the mini-SD card with the OS in the Pi... Hopefully, there’s a rectangular opening below the case especially designed for that!

I’ve secured the MIDI connectors and mounted their activity LEDs. It’s still pretty simple, instructions on the wiki are very clear and everything falls into place intuitively (unless you don’t know how to tell a LED’s polarity or can’t hold a pair of pliers, that is).

I have downloaded the Zynthian OS image. I’ll write it later on a mini-SD card that I’ve bought especially for this. I’ve also secured the jack connectors. It’s pretty straightforward so far. The case looks neat and feels sturdy.

Okay, let me build this Zynthian box. It should be pretty easy since I got the v3 kit, which requires no soldering. I wouldn’t mind, but I lack the time and the expertise to navigate through all the options I could have chosen with spare parts. Not to mention it seems actually cheaper to get a full kit, and the fact I have zero experience with the Raspberry Pi.

The saddest thing on the internet is when several of your friends wish you a happy "work" birthday via Linked In automated messages but forget your real birthday because you didn’t put it on any of your "social" network profiles.

This weekend I enjoyed a visit to the MusVerre (Sars-Poteries, France). It’s a museum dedicated to glass works. I took a few pictures of some pieces that caught my eye. Interestingly, while the camera doesn’t always do justice to the sculptures, it kind of changes them into something else, with effects that aren’t always visible in reality.


Yesterday I ended up at the Swedish temple of consumerism and I stumbled upon measuring jugs shaped like beer glasses. Big, near unbreakable, great to share a bottle in equal parts, also still useful for any kind of brewing or cooking. I think my endless quest for the perfect set of beer glass has finally ended (even if some of my guests may find this silly, which is even better).

I received this today, I guess I’m finally joining the Pi club. The rest should arrive next week, and I’m quite excited about tinkering the hell out of it.

For anyone interested, this is the website (in French) of the association cofounded by the author of the book: — I haven’t read everything yet, but there’s lot of inspiring material to help getting organized against climate change.

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