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On I went further down the overdrive spiral, with the added brutality of a pattern that sounds like actual (bad) drumming.

I've improved a lot compared to a few months ago. I still suck immensely, but less, and it feels really satisfying. I love when my fingers start moving on their own.

For I made an iteration of the previous day, and I suppose this is really not how steel tongue drums are meant to sound. However, there's clearly a lot of metal in there.

On I had no idea how a zither sounded like, and not enough energy to try to emulate it (not to mention using prompts literally is boring). So I added a fuzz and a plate reverb, and well, if a zither sounds like this, I need one immediately.

Looking forward to invent a new musical genre called doombira, blending the sluggish darkness of doom metal with the enchanting tones of mbiras/kalimbas.

I'm not even kidding, I'm actually hyped about this concept.

prompt is called "Shimmer", so of course I used a massive amount of shimmer reverb. There's quite a bit of saturation and clicks despite the limiter, but apparently the crappy mp3 compression smoothed most of it, so it's okay I guess.

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So many reasons, why you should consider closing your #Facebook account. Here is a nice documented list:

For I kept things simple, just a slow vibrato and some reverb with a long decay. Not sure if it's twilight enough, but I like the mood, even if the rhythm is kind of random.

Looking into kalimbas and the wood they’re built with made me realize lots of tree species are increasingly more rare, and this is quite unsettling.

is oddly named Seventeen, go figure. It's probably the closest thing to doom metal I recorded so far. Doom steel, I suppose. It uses an octaver that boosts the bass, plugged into a fuzz and a vibrato.

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is just a huge amount of reverb. I'm feeling tired and uninspired today, but hey, as they say, the show must go on. I think I really need to start studying more closely how to compose melodies. Maybe the fact I have only six notes doesn't help, but it should be enough. It's more like I'm not sure what to do with them.

Seems like I've accidentally chosen a new rabbithole to fall in: kalimbas. I'm mesmerized. Please send help.

On the plus side, these tiny and beautiful idiophones are way, way less costly than handpans.

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