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So 40% low profile keyboards with PCB artwork and a magnetic cover are a thing. I love how aesthetics go beyond the usual here, and how a cover makes sense with the thin form factor and the split layout.

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:sunbeam: :fediverse: Sunbeam Beams On :fediverse: :sunbeam:

Today @puffinus_puffinus has transferred the burden of admin to me (temporarily) while the process of distributing the responsibility continues. Sunbeam will not be shut down...

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Five years ago today I officially announced the start of RPG in a Box! Thanks so much to everyone for their continued support and encouragement. Here's to another five! 😊 #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #voxel #godotengine

Just finished reading Use of Weapons by Iain M. Banks. I’ve heard it’s considered to be the best of the Culture series, and wow, it was indeed quite a wild ride. I loved how the apparently messy interwoven narratives finally make sense in the end and keep reflecting the complex personality of the main protagonist. It felt epic yet intimate, tragic but oddly detached, absurd but not without beauty. I hope the other books won’t feel shallow in comparison.

Got myself a new — what do you mean, it’s not a keyboard? It has a numpad layout, mechanical switches, layer functions, fancy blank keycaps (okay, maybe it’s arcade buttons), loads of blinking stuff, arcane firmware, and it costs an arm.

I’ve only used it for half an hour but it was more than enough to convince me it’s the best possible choice for finger drumming. And before you ask, yes, I’ll probably hack something to use it as an actual numpad.

Stumbled upon this pretty interesting webcomic about disability and how western society perceives it.

2235.05.30 - Zot Cluster, Boggor

Despite having conquered half of Eruxo's territory — thanks to our own fleets — the Prime Animus has annexed only one system: Jarad, and its natural wormhole. Occupying the capital was a ploy... We won't forget this.

As a result of their simultaneous offensive, we also had to welcome a massive influx of Eruxo and Hydari refugees in the Boggor and Arcturus systems. We have no doubt they will enjoy being treated as equals.

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This is stunningly beautiful. And I had no idea you could play the piano with toilet brushes.

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2327.12.08 - Zot Cluster, Mazov Central

We've received an insulting message from the government of Veldon, the last Prikkiki-Ti bastion. They say we're an affront to nature. Do they hate us for welcoming their own people, who fled the armies of Djomar? Or are they just being utterly xenophobic, as usual?

Our scientists can’t tell if it’s an automated broadcast from a dead planet or a simple display of genuine Prikki stubbornness.

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2327.03.18 - Eruxo Enterprises, Oprimax

We've smashed the defenses of Eruxo's capital. But while our forces did all the work, the Prime Animus stealthily landed armies on the planet and is now occupying it. There has been growing tension on our mutual borders over the last decades, and this is really not helping...

Needless to say, they'd better hand us Oprimax at the end of the war, or we might enter a global conflict against them and the Grand Alliance. Was it their plan all along?

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Hey music makers, I'm torn between two very different MIDI controllers (mainly to use for finger drumming.)

The MIDI Fighter has a no-bullshit 4x4 arcade mechanical buttons layout with real tactile feedback and great accuracy, plus some gyro/compass features. It looks indestructible.

The QuNeo has bazillions of pressure-sensitive tactile surfaces allowing complex gestures, and 4x4 pads that can be divided into 64 mini pads. Perfect for endless experiments.

Which one would you choose?

A couple of screenshots from the latest iteration of the post-cyberpunk game I'm working on since way too many years.

Seems like I suddenly fell once again down the Puredata rabbithole, except this time I almost understand what I’m doing.

I wanted to use my Zynthian as a sample player for finger drumming. The easiest way was with a custom soundfont, but it sounded awfully boring, so I thought, why not give a try to the Pd special layer?

And here I am, messing with one of the ugliest software ever made, slowly discovering that its sheer brutalism also makes it insanely powerful.

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@ice The lithotariat have obtained subspace means of navigation ☭

2321.06.15 - Djomar United Clonies, Eadominar

Our scientists are proud to announce that their new experimental subspace navigation engine is a success. The Solid Silicate Flood, led by the Arthropoid Obt-Thy, has crossed half the galaxy without using any hyperlane. After a five year long jump, it’s now emerging into Djomar territory, close to the Kodranite systems.

Sadly, this experimental technology isn’t stable enough to be used with our whole fleet yet, but the result is astounding.

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2319.08.22 - Uncharted Space, Iswyria

We've met a new bunch of murderous lunatics: the Kodranites. Nomadic warriors and mercenaries clans, known for their constant infighting and raiding against their neigbours.

Hopefully, for now, Eruxo Enterprises stand between us, even if their territory is shrinking. We’ve started one more war with these feral ultracapitalists, and the Prime Animus has seized the opportunity to invade them.

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2313.06.06 - Zot Cluster, Mazov Central

The Oracle has been reelected as Presiding Speaker of the Zot Cluster. Her first decision was to enhance the genes of our Prikki refugees to make them more sociable and productive.

In their decadent society, they were part of a highly inefficient system. Delegating as many tasks as possible to anyone belonging to a lower caste was the norm. They're now happily extracting minerals, with an expertise barely rivaled by our best miners.

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"At the end each human - machine interaction is a human to human interaction, since humans built the machines in the first place."

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