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Today I had such a terrible experience trying to set up -- and failing -- what should be a very simple Microsoft product that I'm seriously considering a Linux dual boot on my main work station, and switch to Windows only when absolutely necessary. I mean, their Office suite is not only massively bloated with useless crap, but also incredibly confusing, thanks to their Kafkaesque online ecosystem. I've been using their bad software for decades, but I'm fed up.

I've updated the Linux and macOS versions of my entry. It works on Linux (tested it on Pop! OS) but I'm not sure if it does or not on macOS.

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Looking forward to @neauoire and @rek developing their own modern day version of HyperCard. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Here's my entry that does not use HyperCard, but still includes 1-bit gradients and Apple II cursors and fonts.

It's a kind of voxellated emotion-based isometric fortune cookie simulator. Or maybe a roguelike without combat where nothing happens but randomly suggested feelings. I don't know, but I like it, and I really learned a lot while making it. I might even make an actual game out of this.

Much to my surprise it seems I’ll have something somewhat finished and playable for the . However I’m no sure what to do with it since it’s not made with HyperCard. I’ll put it on Itch, I guess.

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Doing the with @rpginabox instead of Hypercard because I'm obsessed with it at the moment.

I don’t have time to dive into Hypercard and my weekend schedule will be busy, but I’d still like to participate to the jam, so I’ll use something I know instead.

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This person made a complete Godzilla movie playing all the parts himself. Including Godzilla. Do I win the internets?

2339.06.08 - Zot Cluster, Mazov Central

Our scientists have been arguing over a couple of research fields that look increasingly promising, but equally dangerous.

Sapient AIs could drastically enhance our tactical and strategic prowess, but at the price of their possible independence.

Jump drives would allow us to bypass hyperlanes and move instantly from one system to another, but they could damage the very fabric of reality itself.

Should we let them experiment?

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I’ve finished reading The State of the Art by Iain M. Banks and while I liked most of the short stories, I’m not sure what to think about the longest one. The Culture observing contemporary Earth feels oddly out of place, and its criticism lacks nuance and subtlety.

On the other hand, it’s an interesting satire, with meaningful points, but it was too much, or not enough. Too serious despite the silly characters. I’m not sure what I didn’t like, but it kind of bored me.

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Today I am releasing the first version of my livecoding system, alive!
This is a release-candidate, since it has only run on two different PCs so far, and I need more data to trust that it works at all. There is now a Windows build that should make running it there a breeze.
Let me know if you tried it and whether it did or didn't run! ;)

Info, installation instructions, and tutorial in the docs:

2236.03.07 - Zot Cluster, Mazov Central

We've received strange reports of ancient deep-space drones roaming a few of our systems. They were apparently built eons ago for mining operations, but we have no idea who created them.

Their actual purpose is unknown. We've decided to establish a listening post on Mazov Central to keep them under close watch. We can’t entirely dismiss the possibility of a machine empire older than our civilization suddenly invading the Cluster.

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COVID-19, Visualisation, Death toll 

Not for the faint of heart, but interesting and powerful.

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Look what I’ve found in my inbox: Age of Civilization, a tiny board game I’ve kickstarted ages ago. It can be played solo, up to four players, for about half an hour. I didn’t try it yet but it looks cute, simple and fun, with a lot of replayability.

Not sure I should make the effort of setting up an Icecast server to stream some generative ambient/chillout music, since there's already plenty of people streaming great stuff all over the place.

Finger drumming in a nutshell:

1. Struggle for months trying to make your brain understand that not only your hands but also your fingers can move independently.

2. Avoid retrying old exercises you failed miserably for weeks, struggle with new exercises instead.

3. Feel utter joy and astonishment when you try old exercises again and watch your fingers moving on their own exactly where they should.

4. Return to step 1, add more fingers to the equation.

Finally took some time to try TidalCycles. I really like it so far, I was able to make nice loops with a few steel tongue drum samples. There’s a whole world to explore here, and it will probably lead back to Orca.

Here's a recipe I've been using for a while to work on a computer in a noisy environment.

1. Put some headphones on.
2. Launch this white noise generator and set the sliders to cancel whatever distracts you:
3. Go to and add an ambient station like Deep Space One or Drone Zone to the mix.
4. Close all your other tabs, relax and focus.

I’m thinking about recording or streaming some kind of long form steel tongue drum ambient, a soothing soundtrack for waiting, something I could share to help people relax a bit, but I don’t really have time for this at the moment... Not sure how I could make this fit in my schedule, but I’ll try to find a way.

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