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I've just realized that "Markdown" is a pun on "Markup" and my perception of the whole universe has been altered forever.

In case you're wondering, I'm still working on expanding my entry. It is slowly turning into an experimental roguelike with card-based mechanics, puzzle components and a map you build yourself while playing.

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MNT Reform (open hardware laptop) campaign is live:

And here's the Launch Announcement:

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported us to make this happen.

COVID-19, playable simulations 

Game designer Nicky Case has teamed up with an epidemiologist to create an interactive overview of the pandemic's current situation and future. Highly recommended for a better understanding of how the virus works and affects society as a whole:

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Hello Mastodon!

If you don't know me, I'm a super easy to use Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and GNOME with a i3 tiling window manager as the default desktop.

With me, you will learn fast how to use more your keyboard (and less your mouse).

I'm a standalone distribution but I can also be installed on you standard Ubuntu through a PPA.

Seems like I’ve managed to fix most graphic issues I had on my Regolith install. Maybe all. I don’t know how exactly, since I’ve reinstalled pretty much everything except Ubuntu itself. My guess is the Nvidia drivers I’ve got from the automated command are not the same than the ones I used before, even if they are supposed to be. This doesn’t explain why I needed these drivers in the first place, since the non-proprietary drivers worked fine in Ubuntu 18, but... I’ll stop complaining. For now :)

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Update Ubuntu: get graphic glitches on a few programs, including your web browser.

Update the GPU drivers: no more glitches! Actually... yes, but different. And worse. Bonus: forced lower resolution on your second monitor.

Downgrade, tweak various stuff, get same result. Several times.

Manually create and edit a bunch of obscure display configuration files, break everything.

Use recovery mode and repair what you’ve just broken.

Curl in a ball on the floor. Reconsider life choices.


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I have done a new game and its out today!

The Queen returns is a solo #ttrpg about writing letters to an absentee queen and the fate of the country in her absence.

adventures, episode 427.

I gave up on my Manjaro + Awesome WM install when I finally understood the image had messed up permissions that were causing small but endless issues. I ended up with a minimal Ubuntu with Regolith, thanks to @rostiger's suggestion.

I absolutely love its philosophy, where stark minimalism leads to real efficiency. What strikes me the most is its centralized, distraction-free notification system. I wish every other OS had this feature, it's truly life-changing.

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Coming on Friday, my next little game. Bring your tarot cards!

Spent nearly 2 days trying to fix my WiFi card not connecting to my network on Manjaro. Had to learn the basics of CLI network debugging, did some kernel changes, used many different tools and methods. The reason? I swapped the two halves of my passphrase...


I’ve never ever seen a single error mentioning the passphrase could be wrong. Only absolutely misleading messages like "No carrier". I’ve learned a lot, so it wasn’t a waste of time, but it was a hardcore hair-pulling experience.

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Do you like solo story writing games? Want to play test my next solo story writing game and provide a little feedback? You need a deck of tarot cards and 2 coins to flip to play it.

@cancel Neither do I, but I enjoy the freedom of breaking them myself because of my reckless random tweaks before they break themselves :)

Windows: updates anytime without your consent, breaks for no apparent reason, pushes features you didn't ask for in an opaque and shady way. You pay for it.

Linux: updates what you want, when you want, breaks if you don't know what you're doing, but you can learn how everything works. You don't pay for it.

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I have a project that has been on my mind for ages. It started as a parody of dropbox when I bought the domain

The idea was that people could sign up and get 1.44MB of webspace to do with what they wanted; even going so far as to mounting that storage so it appeared as a floppy drive on their computer.

I purchased the domain on a whim over a year ago and while I haven't had time to work on the project itself. I have thought about its concept.

I think it would work nicely as an website based digital art project.

Given the space constraint of 1.44MB it would be interesting to see how that challenege shapes how people develop their content.

It would be fascinating to see if any static generated magazine style websites popped up had a similar low digital cost and aethetic to the solar powered LOW←TECH MAGAZINE.

I thought installing that darn wi-fi adapter driver would be a long and painful road that would end up in frustration and despair, but the Manjaro community is full of lovely people who write detailed guides about such esoteric matters, so after a few tries and a bit of research, it worked. Now, let's see if I can install a custom theme...

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So, I’ve installed a minimal version of Manjaro with Awesome WM on my main workstation. Now I have to understand how to customize this insanely customizable tiling windows manager without breaking everything. And more importantly, I also need to figure out how to detect my wi-fi dongle, because no network would be slightly inconvenient.

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