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kon telo suli li kulupu lon sewi laso.
Bulky clouds gather in the blue sky.

day 3

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lawa mi li jo e kon lili pimeja.
My head contains wisps of darkness.

day 2

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So much love for my first attempt at writing with sitelen sitelen glyphs! Thank you all, this is really heartening.

I had no idea learning this strange constructed language would lead me to draw again, nor that it would become a powerful tool for self-reflection and inner space exploration. In a way, it is a language meant to talk to oneself.

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Seems like I'm now writing something every month about my progress, so here it is:

Adding sitelen sitelen glyphs support to my dictionary. I'll probably end up embedding the SVG files directly into the main file and tweak the hell out of them for better styling control.

I’m surprised by how easily I’ve grasped the sitelen sitelen glyphs. I don’t know how the whole writing system works in details yet, but it seems pretty straightforward, and it took me barely a couple of evenings to learn all the glyphs, even if it’s not perfect yet.

Knowing and sitelen pona glyphs probably made it easier for me to remember new visual clues, or maybe I’m much more of a visual thinker than I imagined, but given the glyphs complexity I assumed it would take me weeks.

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I had decided to not do this year because I think I’m close to burn out and actually need to avoid adding more projects to my already way too big list of projects.

Then I realized I could try to do some calligraphy with glyphs, which would be simple, easy and relaxing.

Then I remembered this would be the perfect excuse to learn sitelen sitelen, the daunting non-linear hieroglyphic system I didn’t dare look into so far.

So... I’m totally doing it, I guess.

My small forum now uses the linja pona font, which allows compound glyphs and other cool stuff. My first choice was Jack Humbert's sitelen pona pona, which I still find more aesthetically pleasing, but linja pona is simply more functional.

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Enter the address of your favourite website to check which user-tracking technologies it uses and who it is sending your data to.

Cool new tool!

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Just one line, and one pixel's red channel died, but these colors 😍

I've finished reading Sum by David Eagleman and I have mixed feelings about it. I have enjoyed a lot of most of these 40 short stories about the Afterlife.

On one hand, it's smart, imaginative and funny, definitely thought-provoking. On the other hand, it's too urban cishet white male centered to convey a real sense of universality. It often feels like rejected scripts for Black Mirror or Doctor Who.

But maybe it's just me feeling frustrated and wanting longer, deeper stories.

Today in , thanks to @asbjorn, I've learned that "search" in a web browser is literally "hunt for the light" (alasa suno) and that Firefox is the "tool of the fire animal" (ilo pi soweli seli)

It's awfully simple and logical once you get it, and the moment it went through my thick skull was magical.

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My new headset runs on batteries. It communicates with other devices through wireless signals. It records ambient noises and sends back sound waves with inverted phase to cancel them and generate silence. It detects atmospheric pressure and uses geolocation to enhance various parameters depending on the environment. It even talks.

Instead, maybe we could have thought of ways for humans and their machines to produce less noise. But self-isolating people in ultra tech bubbles seemed better.

Got some noise-canceling headphones because the ambient noise when working from home was starting to get physically exhausting.

Without even turning them on... wow. I can’t even hear a fly buzzing. No passing car, no wind, no fan, nothing. Just a very light and distant kind of white noise. This is so incredibly relaxing! It feels like playing a game or watching a video with no sound.

Social media, fear of the future 

Yesterday I watched It filled me with dread, even if I was already well aware of the issues it covers, and despite the Black Mirror vibe feeling a bit too heavy-handed (but probably necessary.)

The ad/media/tech industry is causing societal damage on an unprecedented level, and seeing the whole ecosystem explained by some of the very people who created it is quite chilling.

Watch it if you can, it offers a striking perspective.

iOS 14 rant 

iOS 14 in a nutshell:
- Ways of organizing widgets I don’t care about because I don’t use widgets.
- Ways of organizing apps I don’t care about because my home screen is already tidy.
- More unsolicited sounds than can only be silenced with the physical sound switch.
- I still need to launch the camera app to block the charging sound when plugging my phone.
- At least, I’m finally able to do something else during boring video calls.

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