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Day 4 of workout goes like this.

Before: today I feel there are more muscles than the ones needed to move eyes and hands, nice!

After: nameless and invisible things from eons past have awakened and are crawling all over and inside my powerless body.

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OP-Z, possibly lewd 

I’ve finally found a reason to justify keeping these old pants: instant access to main volume. And maybe a new album cover.

Today in "I learn more from my failures": let's cut my own hair alone!

I'm pretty used to it, I've done this for years, but with just a single razor guard. I decided, after a few tutorials, to use two different guards in order to keep longer hair on top, for a hypothetically fancier result.

One hour and all five razor guards later, I now have Lorn's haircut. It's time to finally make good music, I guess.

sina pona tawa sijelo sina, la sina anpa tawa ijo ale.

Trying to translate my morning thought in , and it’s hard. In a way, it’s unsatisfying, but I feel making it simpler also make it deeper, which means I’m starting to get the hang of it.

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Today I decided to start working out because I remembered I have a body, and having a healthy body is apparently important to keep one’s mind functioning.

So I went to and picked up the easiest possible program, "Foundation Light." Now I feel awesome. Slightly sore muscles give wonderful sensations.

The first thing that popped into my mind is "Working out is honoring the universe." It’s also time to resume meditation, I guess.

Spinning some Richie Hawtin set works well with caffeine and repetitive tasks on a computer.

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The US election news has largely overshadowed a seismic moment in global finance: Ant, a fintech company that spun out of Alibaba/Alipay, was scheduled to have the world's largest IPO, topping even Aramco, the Saudi sovereign wealth fund.

Then Chinese regulators canceled it.

As Yves Smith writes in her excellent Naked Capitalism breakdown, the consensus narrative on this is capricious Chinese regulators changed their minds and jerked the rug out from under Ali's billionaire owner Jack Ma.


I’ve just received Konstantinos’ Virtual Cities. I worked a bit with him on a couple of unpublished projects a few years ago, and it feels fantastic to finally see his book come to fruition. It looks gorgeous.

I can’t help but wonder how real these video game cities can be in mind, compared to the ones that actually exist but that I will never visit.

All the sitelen sitelen drawings I made for are gathered chronologically in this forum thread, with a description written in linja pona glyphs.

I won't do this year because I want to take my time, was enough. I'll still probably post a few updates regarding my sonic explorations.

It's been ages since I've got lost in sound for 2 hours straight. I enjoy this so much I might actually manage to finish a track.

akesi pi noka ala li tawa lon lawa moli mi.
Creatures with no legs are crawling in my skull.

day 31

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The Micro Fiction Games Jam is now live!

This years theme is Flora, Fauna and Environment! Interpret the theme as you wish.

See the site for more details microfictiongames.neocities.or

You have until I awaken on the 15th to get a tabletop game submitted.

I really look forward to seeing everybody creating tiny 280 character games.

nasin mi li tawa anpa sewi ike, taso mi sona e ni: suno li awen.
My path goes under ominous skies, but I know the sun awaits.

day 30

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Chuckling at the idea of playing We're Not Really Strangers alone, which I might attempt later tonight.

I've just cleaned up my desk a bit, meaning I removed the loads of random USB cables and various small electronic devices that covered most of its surface, and wow, everything is now so tidy and clean I feel like I've moved to a new house. I should do this more often.

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len noka sina li jo e noka sina lon nasin sin.
Your shoes carry your feet on new paths.

day 29

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pilin mi li awen lon telo suli pimeja, li tawa anpa ala.
My heart floats in an ocean of darkness, and does not sink.

day 28

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mi pali e kalama musi nasa kepeken ilo kalama lili mi.
I make strange music with my little synthesizer.

day 27

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