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I shall mention I’m really glad and grateful to be part of this community. Merveilles and their neighbors help me grow and keep me curious and inspired.

Being able to discover and interact with like-minded people from all over the world in a safe environment is something that simply makes me happy.

I wish you all a better year than the one before. Cheers, and keep the juice flowing!

Instead, I managed to:
- learn Toki Pona and develop related tools
- release a different game than the one I wanted to make
- keep working on an enhanced version of this new game
- build a new keyboard
- discover I'm likely within the autism spectrum
- make electronic music again
- resume daily workouts after years of inactivity
- survive

So it's not so bad, I guess.

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In 2020, I did not:
- learn to play the kalimba
- release the game I've been working on for more than two decades
- keep writing microfiction (or any kind of fiction)
- release a solo tabletop RPG

I brilliantly failed to reach ALL my resolutions.

Dumbest ever: I realized I've been sitting on a desk chair that was set to the lowest possible position for months, maybe even years.

So I've set the chair much higher, and now everything feels way better. Using the keyboard and the mouse is much more comfortable. My knees are bent at 90° and my feet are flat on the floor. My back is straight. How could I bear to be sitting closer to the floor than to the desk for so long?

I've just beaten >observer_, a cyberpunk horror game with Rutger Hauer (yes, the one from Blade Runner) doing the voice of the protagonist. It was a hell of a trip, a nightmare full of digital madness, blinking screens and twisted flesh.

Here's a few screenshots, some with strong Cronenberg vibes.

That moment when you realize the faulty piece of old code you were looking for in every single file of your project simply never existed.

Fitness in a nutshell:

"The more confused your body is the better the results you’ll get."

I've just spent two hours looking into healthy cooking and nutrition plans, listing groceries to buy, comparing measurement units, trying to plan meals along with workout programs.

I still have no idea what I'm doing, but now I'm hungry.

I've just watched Tenet, and I'm not quite sure what it was about. In fact, I'm not even sure it was a good movie. I mean, it was fun to watch, but beyond the fancy action scenes, when you unfold the plot and everyone's motives, it's nothing more than an average James Bond flick, with little to say.

I guess I was expecting it to be more thought-provoking.

I'm finally resuming work on my game project. This is an icon for the character sheet.

Cyberpunk 2077, ending spoilers, death mention 

I think I’m going to play Stardew Valley for a while.

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Cyberpunk 2077, ending spoilers, death mention 

I beat the game. The ending I reached was plain depressing.

I gave my dying body to Johnny, became a digitized soul merged with a god-like AI.

Epilogue: Johnny is now less of an asshole, pays respects to my virtual grave, leaves the city.

Credits roll, every close NPC sends me concerned messages I can’t answer to. No one knows what really happened to me... not even me.

I basically witnessed my own burial and oh fuck it’s not what I needed.

Christmas, that moment of the year when grownups hack the hell out of toddlers toys.

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Working out with dumbbells straight after waking up is a great way to feel totally exhausted and sore for the whole day. Wait, no, I meant "energized."

Discovery of the day: making music isn't a very efficient thing to do when you're supposed to be cleaning up the whole house, but neither is hanging on Mastodon.

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One day I'll manage to spot typos a few hours before discovering them in my notifications, maybe even before hitting that "Post" button. But not today...

Maybe I should write exclusively in to reduce the risk?

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Merry whatever! Here, have this free song from me, let's give this year a proper send off, shall we!

#music #electronic #retrosynth #space

Note for self: trying to do house chores with headphones and an OP-Z in your rear pocket is the best way to get absolutely nothing done except music.

You don’t needs an alarm clock when you live with a 17 year old cat who’s as stubborn as he’s deaf and literally screams whenever he wants something.

His volume setting is cranked to the max all the time. He doesn’t meow. He just emits a maddening ear-shattering growl while looking at you straight in the eyes. And he starts around 6 AM.

Yesterday I took him to the vet for a checkup and every time someone entered the waiting room and said hello, he answered. The jump scares were hilarious.

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