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The 4 stages of music making :

1 - This sounds unexpectedly nice.
2 - This is dope, I love it, everyone will love it, let’s record a 1 hour long track, it’s sheer awesomeness and I feel happy like I never did, I can’t stop headbanging oh wow.
3 - This is shit. I am shit. Everything is shit.
4 - This could be nice, but it’s too much effort to fix, let’s make a new track instead.

"20 squats with a 20 kg kettlebell is no joke", I mutter to myself, as I lay victorious but breathless in a pool of sweat on the bathroom’s floor, savoring every shredded muscle in my ravaged body, before remembering I normally do 10 squats holding a single 10 kg dumbbell, and wondering if maybe, some slight miscalculation happened when I designed this program.

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One day, I'll make my co-workers understand that paragraphs of text are easier to read when not centered and that centered text shouldn't be the default on every piece of UI they can think of.

It's been a 15-year-long battle.

I feel a little soreness about everywhere in my body from yesterday's kettlebell workout, but it's nothing compared to what I imagined.

Today's workout was arms-focused, with 10 kg dumbbells and movements repeated to failure, as slowly as possible. It was a bit demanding and I suspect tomorrow might be painful.

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In case you're wondering, I started the day with a full body 20 kg kettlebell workout and I didn't die. I may even feel good.

Now the question is, will I be able to move my probably very sore muscles tomorrow?

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gemini, mental health + 

I finally got some writing done for the section of my capsule!
Hoping to add more soon and expand on some things, but I'm really happy with the fact that I've gotten *something* out there

After four months of 30-day fitness programs, I’m currently designing my own, since other available programs look either too easy, too hard, too boring or not what I’m looking for.

Turns out it’s not so complicated once you understand what each individual exercise does, and how to balance them for effective variations and rest periods.

That’s the theory at least. We’ll see if I can handle kettlebell juggling in a few months.

In case you're wondering, translating the usual video game options to is hard.

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Today's personal achievement: inserting a giant sitelen sitelen monolith on the main screen of an unrelated game I'm designing for a corporate client.

(follow-up to yesterday’s conversation)

3-year old, suddenly: Life isn’t bubblegum!
Me, pondering the Sisyphean absurdity of existence: What is life, then?
3-year old: ...
3-year old: You go buy some bubblegum!

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Maybe you know that handpans are more fragile than steel tongue drums. This means you can play more violently on a steel tongue drum. In fact, you probably will. You might even cut your fingers doing so.

It's not worse than a guitar, I guess, but it means that while both instruments have similar sounds, steel tongue drums have a harsher spirit. You will take a beating, not the instrument, which is rather different from the softness required by a handpan.

Me, contemplating the depths of my inner abyss while preparing breakfast: ...

3-year old: Life isn’t bubblegum.

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In preparation for the upcoming "tool item" functionality, I'm extending tile scripting so that scripts can now be triggered based on the player's active tool when interacting! 🛠️
#screenshotsaturday #voxel #gamedev #indiedev #godotengine

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Just for fun, I converted some of my Dungeon in my Pocket assets to the C64 palette! Thought it looked pretty neat with flat lighting and orthogonal view.
#screenshotsaturday #voxel #gamedev #indiedev #godotengine

Today in "daily workout will change you into a new person": apparently my new kink is wearing tight black sportswear. I think I’m becoming some kind of spandex cyberninja goth, please send help.

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[THREAD 1/6] The New Safe Confinement Structure, AKA the Ark, is the most sophisticated nuclear entombment structure and largest land-based mobile structure on the planet. It's long term goal is to convert the ruins of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant reactor 4 into an environmentally safe system and prevent further contamination of the environment. Continued below.

Location: 10 kilometre exclusion-zone, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine. 2019.

Meanwhile, in the voxel forest... you don't walk among trees, you walk on them.

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If you ever thought that building a sitelen sitelen totem would give more meaning to your life, I've got you covered.

This block is just one part among others, and stands for "li pona", where "pona" is encapsulated by "li". It likely means something along the lines of "is good".

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