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"Skull crushers, also known as nose breakers [...] are an isolation exercise used to bulk up the triceps and increase bench press strength. Like the guillotine press, they’re one of the rare metalhead exercises where, instead of being named for what they are [...], are named for what will happen if you drop the weight."

Well, these are good names for some RPG combat skills, but I'm not especially looking forward to adding skull crushers or guillotine press to my workout routine.

New life goal: learn to play acid techno dual TB-303 patterns on the RAV Vast.

Someone has already started to work on MIDI implementation for the endless acid banger:

Current status: endlessly listening to endless acid banger.

I miserably failed to come up with something playable for the 3 weeks long game jam I've been participating to. I could have uploaded the result, but in its current state it's too broken, both technically and gameplay-wise, so I've decided to take my time to fix it.

On the positive side, I had fun, I learned a lot, and I'll definitely reuse some new tricks in my other ongoing projects. And I like the logo.

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Wow, this is actually pretty neat. Algorithmic acid techno in your browser... it sounds like Velvet Acid Christ, haha Someone needs to hook this up to a real 303/909 with WebMIDI!

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For anyone interested, I put together some initial documentation for the climbing functionality coming in the next release!
#gamedev #indiedev #voxel #godotengine

The paradox of programming: feeling good every time you realize you're an idiot.

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So, for all Europeans on this wavelength: there is a initiative for a EU wide Unconditional Basic Income that needs to either get 1 million signatures or reach the threshold in 7 countries until March 25th 2022 to be successful. Here's why this is a good idea:

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UBI Europa

I believe we need UBI.

It’s one of the few policy proposals I’ve seen in many years that has the option to make live drastically better and safer for millions of citizens. #texts #politics

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Some really good reading on "the lie of laziness" if you expand the Excerpt section for this book:

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Glad to help :)

I think he's the kind of artist you have to forget for a while in order to fully enjoy the beauty of his work again. Especially since his music is so easily tied to some kind of nostalgic vibe of memories you may never have lived in the first place, at least for me.

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Why I love programming:
- It feels like a puzzle game.

Why I hate programming:
- It feels like a puzzle game.

In a Nujabes kind of mood. I haven't listened to this in many years, and it's as beautiful as ever. It always feels like a slow morning walk in a sunny street for me.

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Clean up the web!

Developers, it’s time for you to choose a side: will you help rid the web of privacy-invading tracking or be complicit in it?

#CleanUpTheWeb #FlocOffGoogle

I've grown quite fond of the upcoming Book of Travels game and finally backed it. It's a "Tiny Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game," with few players per server, a focus on exploration and socialization, a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, and a jaw-dropping art direction.

It seems to have everything I'd enjoy in a multiplayer game. I know some of you are hyped as well, I'd love to join a group of fellow Merveilles and Fediverse travelers at launch.

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A handful of thoughts that crossed my mind: About the conflict between creating a better world for all and getting our own needs met

Lately I’ve been trying to actively sleep more, because sleep is important, among many other things, for proper muscle building (weight lifting is apparently my new restrained interest.)

So I’m getting about one hour more sleep per night. Guess what’s coming back? Dreams. At this point I had almost forgotten about them. It was a thing of the past, a lost treasure of youth.

That late hour spent browsing random crap on the web? Spend it sleeping. It’s worth way more than what you imagine.

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