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Justifying my craving for a cajón by thinking that I could use it as an office chair. It would allow me to:
- practice anytime
- always keep a straight back since you’re supposed to play it with a straight back
- get up regularly because it’s not that comfortable
- rock on it as much as I want without destroying a chair
- annoy my coworkers by dropping sick beats anytime, especially during meetings, as an alternative to annoy them with my mechanical keyboard

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Seem like I'm falling down the cajón rabbit hole. I had no idea a simple wooden box you're sitting on could emulate a drum kit.

I'm pretty close to pick one, I mean, since I already play an instrument which is basically a flying saucer, why not supplement it with a wooden box?

Because learning several instruments at the same time is something stupid that I decided to stop a couple of weeks ago... heh.

No wonder computers make you miserable. They’re built around clocks.

The machines dictate their own pace, and you must follow.

You’ll get no more love from them than from the alarm that wakes you every day.

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Why did I not start to write a solo TRPG system yet? Probably because it would be a crazy amount of work and I have tons of other things to finish first. And yet…

The stunning silence of sleeping children is like stumbling upon an old friend you haven’t seen in years, except it’s been hours.

I’ve learned more in one day with these handpan method booklets than in a few months with my previous video course. Don’t get me wrong, the course was great.

But to me, video is an inefficient medium for learning. It’s good for showing details, but there’s too much noise between the meaningful bits. You must interact awkwardly and endlessly with a UI made for consuming, following a pace that isn’t yours... It’s just awful for focus. Nothing beats a book (or a teacher, of course.)

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I just described the fully-connected, surveillance-laden, dystopian mess that is the modern internet to a non-technical friend with a term that I desperately hope catches on:

"The HiveMall"

So I’ve bought this handpan method by Ravid Goldschmidt. It looks great so far, and totally suitable for steel tongue drums. There are 8 booklets with various exercises and increasingly more complex time signatures.

It’s damn expansive though. Nearly $100 for average print quality, no hardcover, no box, and a few typos. But the content is exactly what I was looking for, and it’s pretty niche, so I can’t really complain.

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"In the process of tuning the instrument, quartz powder is poured on top of each note and then each note is slightly tapped with the thumb. If the note is properly tuned (harmonics are correctly placed on the octave and fifth cross), the powder will be immediately distributed on a cross shape."

Wow, handpan tuning is wild. You spread some cristal in a circle and it forms a cross if the tuning is right. This sounds like a magic ritual, no wonder the instrument has such a strong spiritual appeal.

My three-year-old wanted to listen to his horrendous farm animals CD for the one hundredth time or so.

Instead, he dug into the old CD stash and blasted Portishead at full volume. Thrice, despite his grandmother’s protest.

My work here is done.

Just swam for an hour or so in a big warm swimming pool with no human in sight, then tried all the weirdly twisted massive high-speed water slides next to it. Not sure if it’s vacations at the so-called end of a pandemic or at the actual end of the world, but it’s surreal enough to be fun.

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Playing Democratic Socialism Simulator by La Molle Industria. Sadly, I’ve been murdered before the end of my second term as president of the USA, but I was pretty close to turn the country to actual full-blown socialism.

On a road trip to the seaside. I love the dreadful emptiness of rainy beach days.

After a few proper ab wheel workouts, I can confirm that:
- it is sadly not functional as a vehicle
- it makes a ridiculous high-pitched noise
- it is likely called an ab wheel because your abs feel like they’ve been run over by the wheel of a truck

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I've cancelled my Melodics subscription, which I used to learn and practice finger drumming and keys. I'm ending a 713-day-long streak of daily practice for pads, and a 172-day-long streak for keys. That's a bit crazy when I think about it.

It was nice to enhance my rhythm skills and get a better understanding of music theory, but I want to focus on the RAV Vast. Enough screens, it's time to play a physical instrument in the physical world. Every day, of course, since apparently I can.

To make things worse, while all orcs characters are savages with thick accents, there is one shaman who speaks perfect English because he's educated himself by reading a lot of Elven books.

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I'm wondering why, in a video game such as Solasta, Orcs speak to me, a non-Orc who has learned their language, in pidgin English, with a ridiculous "exotic" accent, while my character speaks normally (and cracks jokes about orcs being illiterate idiots.) Am I not the one who should speak bad Orcish? I'm mostly fine with fantasy stereotypes, but this is simply racist.

It's even weirder in a game that allows you to choose your pronouns and non-gendered voices.

“Everything we call real,” said Bohr, “is made of things that cannot be regarded as real. A physicist is just an atom’s way of looking at itself.”

Also, good morning. I hope your weekend won’t shatter your reality paradigm. Or that it will, depending on how adventurous you feel.

Instead of some actual time/habit tracker software that would take me ages to develop and fine tune, with the added issue of portability, I could make a simple parser for a text file, with my own human-readable format. It would generate HTML I could style the way I want, without the hassle of a complex system I don't actually need. I'd just log my stuff manually, so I could update it anytime, anywhere...

Wait, that sounds way too easy and efficient, where's the catch?

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