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SomaFM is amazing. Commercial-free, listener-supported radio stations that are just a standard stream (any shoutcast client works, and they embed a web player on their page). They've been hosting DEF CON Radio for quite a while.

They're awesome, donation-based, and currently badly in need of funds. Like them? Please consider donating a bit. Never heard of them? Check it out, you'll probably find an interesting station or two.

Boosts appreciated!

:tenpo: :li: :kama: :anu: :tenpo: :li: :tawa:
:ken: :la: :ale: :li: :lon: :pilin: :sina:

"Time comes or time goes"
"Maybe it’s all in your heart"

Taking a walk through the valleys of my childhood. Last time I came here was two years ago, but it could as well be two days or two decades ago. No matter how the landscape may have changed, it’s blurred and merged with so many memories from different periods it could as well be a timeless dreamscape.

It has been brought repeatedly to my attention that today, the astronomical object known as "Earth" might have once again completed an orbital period relative to the timestamp marking my first appearance as a carbon-based life form. It seems I’ll be forced to consume sweet foods and bubbly beverages in the context of an elaborate social ritual. Please send help.

3-year-old, pointing a toy gun at their cousin of the same age: I kill you!
Cousin: No, thanks.

It seems today is ’s 20th birthday. Since I never wished a happy birthday to a language before, happy birthday! (and congratulations to @SonjaLang!)

I think it’s also @RussSharek’s birthday, so happy birthday to him too!

Turns out making techno on the OP-Z while using a stationary bike is an even better idea than reading or playing Thumper. I guess next step is figuring out how to play the RAV Vast instead.

After Basinski, on the totally opposite side of the spectrum, Drumcorps has also released something new today. Exquisitely brutal as usual:

This track is such a massive banger, and apparently a real classic from 1995, I don't know how I managed to have never heard it before. Thanks to @woozong for indirectly leading me back into the dub techno rabbit hole.

Heres comes a "new" William Basinski release, straight from 1998. Maybe not the best choice to start the day with, unless you want a quietly creepy kind of day with an impending feeling of doom and eternity looming over empty cities, but, well, it's Basinski :)

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Me: I don't like violent video games, the whole medium is immature, it contributes to a toxic culture of violence and exploitation and glorifies the tenets of capitalism in the name of entertainment. We need more empathy and cooperation and less combat and competition.

Also me: buys Death Trash about 3 seconds after release.

Oh no! The idea of making my own conlang is crawling at the back of my mind again. I blame .

It's the first time ever I'm happy that my computer decided something for me. Instead of crashing, one of my hundreds of open tabs lost in the Firefox limbo decided to randomly play this Nujabes album when I hit the power button, and I think it's a damn fine choice.

In case you're wondering, optimizing, integrating and styling 150 inline SVG glyphs (twice, because my dictionary includes sitelen pona and sitelen sitelen) is a huge :pilin: :pakala: in the :monsi:

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"The Jain's Death" was one of the first truly strange things I remember stumbling across during my early experiences of the internet.

I've re-encountered it a few times, and tonight I was pleasantly surprised to find it still online:

Going to bed 3 minutes before midnight is still before midnight, I win.

I love how you can instantly understand a glyph you've never seen before if you're used to the sitelen pona logic.

I didn't know the word "kapesi". It looks like this: :kapesi:

It means "brown". In Toki Pona, the glyph for color is :kule: and the glyph for earth is :ma:

The kapesi glyph combines both. It's literally "color of the earth".

Similarly, purple is :unu:

It's the "color of celestial bodies". A bit more far-stretched, but still valid, and quite poetic.

Toki Pona, swear word, lewd 

Updating my English/French dictionary with the new :ku: (ku) words. I realize that "ku", while not being pronounced like "cul", which means "butt/ass" in French, will still likely be read as such.

Translating the "ku words" label as "Mots de ku" or "Mots du ku" is a bit awkward, so I'm going for "Mots ku", which at least is close to :moku: (moku, to eat.)

But of course my dirty mind thinks eating in this context may imply another sexual meaning.

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