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Just received an email from Jason Rohrer about the experimental conversation-based "game" with AI models he's been working on. A documentary crew is looking for people to interview:

"Along with interviewing the people who created Project December, they're also interested in interviewing some of YOU, the end users, particularly if you've had a transformative experience in one way or another, and especially if you've had success in using Project December to simulate a dead loved one."


Facebook has been out of my life for so long, seeing it in the "news" reminds me of that feeling when you learn about the actual death of an old celebrity who you believed was already dead for years.

Is there a German word for this?

Practicing #tokipona by looking at old posts by @ice. Join in if you feel like doing some translation exercises and speculating. A kind of bite-sized language meditation.

Toki pona and font expert question: is it at least possible in theory, to translate an algorithm that composes glyphs into a font file? Something like the sitelen sitelen hierglyphs in this Javascript/SVG web application?

I didn't know Richard D. James had released one hour and half of bonus Analord "side C" tracks in 2009. This totally made my day. I can now headbang on twisted acid techno for 5 hours straight.

It also means I have no more excuses to not do house chores.

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I had forgotten how amazing the Analord series is. This is probably my all-time favorite work by Richard D. James.

Looking at , I love how has become much more than drawing with ink. It’s so diverse, creative and playful, pushing boundaries in any possible direction, with any medium, while staying within the daily process. You’re all amazing, keep the juice flowing :)

I've started to play Death Trash, and it's a beautifully disgusting mess of pixelated organic desolation.

Think old Fallout, but in real time, with brutally expressionist low-res pixel art depicting giant blobs of sentient meat, on a dying alien planet ruled by bored robots.

Puking is one of your basic skills, and you can use it to lubricate cyborgs. It's absolutely weird, and equally immersive. I love it so far.

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