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An old friend came to visit for a few days, and brought me some sourdough. He left with a jar of kefir grains. I'm not sure how to put this in words, but that felt like, well, friendship.

And, more than that, it felt like some kind of universal human connection, the feeling of belonging to an endless network that provides hope and meaning beyond the absurdity of the darkening times we're living in.

Day 12: Snakes in the walls.

Experimenting with LFOs and syncopated beats.

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We're doing a secret santa at work, and we're supposed to write some guidelines for what we'd like or not.

I have absolutely no idea what I want, what I need, or even if I want or need anything at all. Every year, all I see is the cyclic nature of the universe and its beautifully absurd repetition.

So I'm asking for a "Sisyphean artifact". Good luck with that.

Day 10: Watch your back.

This is noisy as hell, and rather brutal. Some kind of gabber. It was fun at the beginning when I was in the zone, then it somehow totally emptied my mind.

It's strange how the dyonisiac, cathartic effect tends to vanish when you start to think about how to make it sound better. This genre is harder to make than it sounds, at least for me.

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Hi everyone! Just a heads up that screenshots for this month's community game showcase are due by November 25th. Thanks so much! 😊
#voxel #gamedev #indiedev #rpginabox

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[By 2030] all products will have become services. “I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes.”

If we won’t own anything… who will? The answer is obvious: The elites will.

Day 9: Humility network.

Yes, I've found the distortion settings. And I could have set it much stronger, because the result was really interesting when paired with the compressor, but I thought this blurry mood was nice enough. This will likely lead to a plethora of other noisy experiments.

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Day 8: The daily wonder.

This started as brutal techno, but the allmighty wub wub slowly turned it into, uh, something else. I'm starting to think I have more affinity towards more complex rhythms, since I seem to be unable to stick to a basic four on the floor, not to mention I keep microtiming pretty much everything. Playing the RAV Vast certainly has changed my approach to music, even on machines.

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Day 7: Sisyphus OS.

I'll probably get sore neck muscles from this one. That was supposed to be techno. Oh well, next time I'll try to make some hip hop beats, and I might actually end up with techno.

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Every time I read something about "Web3", I have to slap myself in the face really hard to remember it’s not a parody nor a Black Mirror episode.

Day 6: Feature creep.

Built around a synth lead made by my 3-year-old kid having a blast on my way older Kaossilator Pro. That was pretty fun, both to sample and to (re)compose afterwards.

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A few days ago, I dusted off my old Kaossilator Pro. Turns out my 3-year-old loves it. Who would have guessed? Tactile low-res screen with big flashing lights, pretty animated patterns and instant funny sounds… I ended up sampling the rather experimental results. Expect weirder loops for a few days :)

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Some new indoor assets that Sarah created for the Patreon! You can get early access to these by joining the NPC tier or above. Thanks so much for your continued support, it really means a lot! 🥰💕
#screenshotsaturday #voxel #gamedev #indiedev #rpginabox

My 3-year-old is blasting Primus’ Pork Soda at 8 AM on his great grandma’s ancient stereo.

Day 5: Teenage Gods.

This one would have deserved a much slower progression and many tiny tweaks along the way, but I'm too exhausted to refine it further for now.

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Day 4: Cartographying your tears.

I couldn't help it, I had to add some crappy live finger drumming. Recorded a dozen of versions before calling it a day with this one.

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