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Remember: if you paint, draw, sculpt, write or partake in any other creative mediums you are an artist; even if it’s not for money.

Don’t let people tell you being an artist is about selling stuff.

Socializing at some Christmas family event.

The conversation goes about Himalayan salt for some reason.

I remember an article I had read a while ago about the industry of salt extraction in Pakistan and I start rambling about it, up to workers occasionally pissing into raw salt as a silent protest against their awful work conditions.

A few minutes later, I notice the Himalayan salt bottle in the middle of the host’s table.

I’ve just finished a playthrough of Night in the Woods, 5 years after everyone. It was a great experience, even if I can’t help but think that most of the platformer gameplay was kind of gimmicky and only justified by the (beautiful) aesthetics. I really enjoyed the characters and their struggles, and the many weird moments that make them feel painfully realistic despite the surreal atmosphere. It’s one of these games you keep thinking about long after having played them.

I don’t understand music, but it seems music understands me. No matter how much I try to explore a specific genre, random influences suddenly appear out of nowhere and merge into whatever I was trying to do to produce something different, yet oddly familiar. Like old friends helping.

Maybe that’s the result of using machines, as their physical and focused nature allows me to tap into emotional processes and forgotten memories more easily. Computers and DAWs lack this immediacy.

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The Piconomicon this way comes. All 's out there please take a look, because this is something I've been pouring my heart and soul into. It's a full book on the Pico-8 fantasy console.

Can't get enough of Kiasmos. I love the album, but this EP has been growing on me lately. It's funny how they say that they wanted to do something darker for their next record, but ended up making their brightest release instead. It still bears this icy yet sunny melancholia, although with more sun indeed.

I'm still struggling to define the aesthetics of my future musical endeavors. It wasn't a big deal because I never took it seriously. But since I've started to actively learn various aspects of music production and practice physical instruments, everything has simultaneously become clearer and more confusing.

I know where I want to go, but I have so many influences and conflicting desires, not to mention still limited skills, that it sometimes feels overwhelming. More work ahead!

That awkward moment when you struggle because you have no idea how to organize yourself and your projects, then randomly stumble upon your own working method you had written about months ago.

I was updating my personal website, I saw a file name I didn't remember in the generator log, then, uh... I mean, look at the subtitle. "Something I keep forgetting about". At least I know myself, don't I?

Today I found some "forbidden black rice", which is, well, rice, but so purple that it's black, with various supposed health benefits. It was reserved to the royal families in China, hence the "forbidden" part. The proteins count is higher than for regular rice, and it's all I needed to know.

Since I'm an idiot, I forgot to add more water while cooking it, so I got some "slightly burnt forbidden black rice". It's pretty good, but... a bit more black than it should have been :)

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How to learn subtractive synthesis in 4 simple steps:
- buy a pricey hardware synthesizer
- get in awe at the preset sounds, tweak a few things
- realize you don't know shit about synthesis despite having used DAWs and virtual instruments for many years
- slap yourself in the face and start reading books instead of twisting knobs at random hoping for magic to happen

This isn't about social media, but I find this article interesting when you think about how the Fediverse is structured compared to monolithic online spaces. In a way, we are "tinyist" communities.

I've finally finished my playthrough of Eliza, the visual novel involving an AI counseling program. The writing and the voice acting are great, and there are many subtle moments where the limitations of the format are used as immersive tools.

It was quite the emotional journey. I identified way too much with several characters, to the point it was almost painful. I really enjoyed the experience.

Also, special mention to the delightful electronic music gear nerdiness.

There's nothing like a good old Deep Medi compilation to start the day. I haven't listened to these tracks in years, and I still love them.

I still need to dive into uxn, to finish the update of my Toki Pona dictionary, to write loads of missing pages on my website, to get back to the dozen of other projects I've forgotten... Oh well, at least I'm "productive" I guess, whatever that means. Right now, it probably means "I made music every day and it made me happy and I don't care about the rest".

Day 30: Disembody.

This one took me twice the usual time. I wasn't happy with my first attempt and I restarted from scratch. I'm quite happy with the groove, so I believe it was worth it.

Now... It's time to browse everything I did this month and see what I can refine for my game's soundtrack.

Big props to @rpginabox, the game engine I'm using, and to its awesome developer. Check it out if you're into voxels or RPG/adventure games :)

Day 29: Select your vice.

This started a bit like the previous track, except it took another direction. Of course there's once again a cowbell, but it was added last, and this time it gives a dub-like atmosphere.

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Day 28: Wired souls.

This one was really fun to make. It was built around a... cowbell. Which doesn't sound like a cowbell anymore at all. It feels like an old Kompakt track, at least the ones that still play in my head after all these years. The compressor is quite noticeable, the kick and the clicks are indeed rather punchy. I had no idea I'd end up with this vibe when I started, but it appeared quicky and naturally.

I still don't understand my own creative process.

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Day 27: Watch me watching.

That was painful to make. It started fine. Then I ended up changing everything but the beat so many times I've lost count. Now I like these dirty, exhausted sounds mixed with a rather brutal rhythm. It would still need a lot of work to be actually satisfying, but at least I now feel like I haven't lost my time. Ironically, it illustrates very well my mood since this morning.

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