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Finally got the missing piece of my studio puzzle, a T-1 from Torso Electronics. It's an algorithmic machine that generates euclidean rhythms. I've only tried it with the 8-track version of Bitwig so far, but it will gleefully replace the atrocious sequencer of the TD-3-MO and allow me to make pretty wild generative acid, not to mention evolving ambient soundscape with other synths.

It's small, heavy, sturdy. I love the workflow. Simple but deep, and really fun, clearly built for experimenting.

In case you're wondering, yes, I've chosen acid.

But I still have to choose a beer.

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Do you all know the fairytale of the Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage?

Should I attempt to overcome my beer-fuelled laziness and unpack my gear to make some possibly head-banging acid techno or stop pretending to have creative impulses and just let the evening go playing whichever video game cross my mind?

That feeling when you come back home after two weeks, and you realize there's pretty much nothing to eat... except your neighbors randomly give you enough fresh vegetables from their garden to withstand a siege, and then you open the supposedly empty fridge, and you find loads of fine beers you had totally forgotten.

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Playing the latest Paper Mario on Switch. I watched one too many paper cut cartoon with my 4-year-old. It made me want to dive into some cute child book universe.

So far I’m pleasantly surprised. Nice art, interesting gameplay, weird story. You’re a 2D paper character fighting the origami king, who bends people into evil 3D creatures.

It’s full of odd situations, terrible puns and unexpected irony. The writing is outstanding, I never thought I’d see this in a Mario game.

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I don't do a lot of promotion, but y'all might be interested to know that INPRNT has free worldwide shipping today only!

I think I've finished to define my conlang's phonetic inventory and alphabet. They're pretty much the same as except for three different phonemes and letters - which already makes it slightly less universal.

The idea is to keep it simple and easy to learn, so I won't diverge too much from a proven formula. Since there will be inflections to express temporality and various information, it will be quite more complex, even if the word count should stay under 200.

Oh no, it’s the day of that weird yearly ritual again, where you’re force-fed some high-density cake that was previously set on fire and that you had to extinguish first with the sheer power of your breath, all while trying desperately to maintain a calories deficit because you’re cutting in order to hypothetically see your hypothetical abs one day, except a couple of weeks at your mom’s place is clearly more fitting for bulking.

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Only a bit over an hour left for the Indiegogo campaign! If you'd like your name in the credits as a backer, be sure to pledge before it's over! 😁👍 Thank you so much again to everyone who has contributed or helped spread the word! 💖

Don’t mistake phonetics with phonology, phones or phonemes. Not to mention the phonetic inventory. Also, no, IPA isn’t a kind of beer, it’s the International Phonetic Alphabet.

I guess I’m writing a linguistics for dummies dictionary now.

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I've always loved the saying "create, don't compete." My hope is that RPG in a Box is never seen as competition to other tools, or even compared to them at all. RPG in a Box comes from within and is meant to serve its own unique purpose!
#gamedev #indiedev

Diving into Mark Rozenfelder’s The Language Construction Kit. I remember ending up on several times over the years, but it always felt awfully complex and daunting. Now, for some reason, it doesn’t.

I guess it becomes much more accessible when you take all the time you need to look up linguistic vocabulary and put everything in a wiki along with your notes on the language you’re trying to create.

Just visited an old friend. I unexpectedly spent the evening playing the RAV Vast while they played the guitar in wild experimental ways (most notably with chopsticks) and another friend who’s a drummer was improvising with various objects. It was the first time I played with other musicians, and we had a massive blast.

Luckily I had brought a recorder, so I captured a few hours of sound. Maybe some kind of live album is on the way. We had so much fun this will likely happen again.

Today I played the RAV Vast casually in front of a few family friends I don’t or barely know. I just improvised. Some took videos, I’m probably on TikTok or some other shitty network, though I can’t say I care.

I was surprised to be confident enough to do it, not to mention without any noticeable error. It still made me realize the limits of my vocabulary and the fact I need to learn some actual songs with a beginning, a decent length and an end, but it felt like quite a big leap.

Conlangs are all fun and laughing until you open a spreadsheet and realize your fancy logic works half of the time, turning half of your compound words system into nonsensical garbage.

Then the real fun begins, because years of spreadsheet use have turned you into a masochist anyway.

While the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, which states a language defines how its speakers understand the world, has been discussed for decades, it becomes obvious that, in a language with very few words like , adding or removing a word, or even ordering the priority of its meanings, has a big impact.

What if my language has no word for money, death or conflict? These concepts would still exist, but feel alien, and could only be expressed through workarounds. Poetry, maybe?

I'm thinking my conlang might use plural by default, and only allow the notion of self as temporarily frozen parts of an ever-evolving system. It would make sense if the grammar is focused on the concepts of past and future. Not to mention, in this decaying age of late capitalism, I'd like to avoid any emphasis on individuality and explore the interconnection of all things instead.

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