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Almost entirely removing news from my life was the best choice I made this year.

You can’t avoid the actual big important things, but you can turn off the outrage engine they call news.

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OMG! everybody's talking about the Twitter dumpster fire and nobody saw THERE IS A NEW #LORN UPLOAD!!!! #theStudio

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Here I am, finally learning music theory, writing down keys and chords, understanding the simple logic of intervals, not feeling stupid nor bored to death, actually getting what the hell it's about and even enjoying it... while studying drum & bass production.

The irony of how much classic music training methods have failed me when I was a kid will never cease to amaze me.

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"Because, in a world where Creation and Communication are heavily commercialized, the act of Creating a Thing or building a community that doesn’t enrich our corporate overlords is a radical act."

Blasting drum and bass at my desk.

Noticing an awesome minimal hi hat playing from time to time, catchy exotic rhythm, subtle variations, ever evolving pattern, gently metallic vibe, bright yet atmospheric, oh wow masterful sound design such skills I can't even-

Realizing at the end of the track it was the spoon vibrating in my coffee mug all along.

birdsite fatigue, meta 

Tip to keep you sanity if you're not a brand new user: go to your settings, click "Filters" and add these. Though I guess it would also be a good idea even if you're new.

I mean, it's great to have new people around, but for now I don't want to hear about the birdsite anymore. It's exhausting.

I've heard it's so here are pics of my favorite ginger. The name is Glitch, but he's caused so many catastrophes of various importance that he should maybe be called BSOD, Crash, Brick, or even DDoS instead.

cc @nuala

I had no idea "drumfunk" was a thing, but I know little about drum & bass subgenres. I'm really enjoying this though.

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there's a room full of frogs in the GBA game I'm working on - it's my favorite room in the game so far >:D

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my next codex will be a videogame

i'm searching for more people to test the demo on a variety of different hardwares, hit me up if you want to try

i've also put up a little newsletter if you want to be updated of my gamey stuff:

Me: That one-month daily game jam was exhausting, I need some rest. No, I won't do Novembeat nor Noisevember or whatever, I'm tired and I made daily loops anyway.

Also me: Proceeds to immediately dive into procedural dungeon algorithms while simultaneously making new music.

Also, let me link this toot to day 8 for posterity, because I'm an idiot and failed to make a proper thread for all levels.

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Today is Lunaires' final day. There won't be any screenshot, because posting one would imply a huge spoiler. Here's the level's music instead.

You can still be sure it's totally spooky. It's possibly even the spookiest level of the game, and if not, it's certainly on par with the dreadful boogeyman level.

You can play all 32 levels here: (yes, the title screen counts as one level)

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Today in Lunaires, we worship the mighty Gear. What's the point of a single giant gear with no other mechanism? The abject terror of ultimate monumental uselessness. Or, more likely, a hint of spookiness.

Unleash your inner cogginess in the machine here:

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Uh-oh. Today, in Lunaires, we may have a problem. It seems we're being haunted by the spectre of a drunkard procedural generation algorithm.

Try to figure out what is going on, or crash the game, depending on your luck, here:

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Today in Lunaires, we go camping in the haunted forest with a bunch of ghosts and bats, and also one half of a horse. Everyone's having a great time doing all sorts of things one usually does when camping, but spookier.

Claim your tent here:

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"Only four more days of this madness", you sigh, anticipating the promised solace of November. Today's level in Lunaires narrates one of the most cursed event ever seen in this already cursed world: an invasion of undead hot dogs. Or maybe just living hot dogs, which certainly still means they're undead somehow. And, of course, rather spooky.

Flee the apocalypse here:

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