This web to gemini proxy works pretty nicely. If you head to gemini:// (better domain coming soon) then you'll be prompted for a URL, or you can just go straight to a HTTP URL e.g. gemini:// from 100r. All links and even images should work 🤞

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Today in I have been writing a web to gemini proxy (i.e. viewing web sites in gemini format) and now moving on to a web to gopher proxy. These less-complex protocols are fun

@cat i just discovered your voicemail project and re-discovered baud vision; i wish I had more drive to do thing like this

Fan of and ? nixers are planning a zine and looking for contributions from the community, more details on here:

Made vegan Bailey’s with oat milk, golden syrup, vanilla extract, instant coffee, and Famous Grouse scotch (yes it’s not Irish but the recipe is already cursed)

My son and daughter both have their dance classes over Zoom today because of lockdown; they’re at the same time 😩

Do you connect your internet prescence to your legal name?
To your identity offline?
Why or why not?

Orange and raisin scones (vegan). Small batch, very large. I call them “Fat Bastards”

Thank you to the people that voted. I believe this a clear mandate for the solarpunk-but-just-not-quite novel

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What is this Gemini thing anyway, and why am I excited about it?


The general theme so far seems to be “tropes are bad mmkay”

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It's day one of and I haven't yet settled on my plot. Please help me decide between my favourite two! The first is a murder(?) mystery in a traditional Western fantasy setting but subverted with a lot of Noir tropes. The second is the story of a guild of folk looking after public green spaces in a very-nearly-solarpunk utopia

Is anyone planning on doing this year? I did it last time one paragraph per day using the Word of the Day from Merriam-Webster

antisemitism ukpol 

Surprise surprise the report into antisemitism in the UK Labour Party is completely damning, including the fact they broke equality laws in multiple places

I just went on to r*ddit for the first time in ages (used to be bordering on an addiction) and I can’t believe I used to waste so much time and head space there

Found a teaspoon in my pocket and couldn’t figure out why. Went back to kitchen and realised I’d forgotten about my tea (which is now lukewarm) That’s how today is going.

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