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Hi friends, I'm inscript. I'm a theorist and writer. My background is in the history of digital audio and critical theory. I'm interested in philosophy, electronic music, and programming language theory. Glad to be here.

anyone do solo rpg? I find it fascinating, but I'm kinda uninterested in fiction. The engines activate the system-building part of my brain but I'm not really into the gameplay aspect. should I start tarot?

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any articles/guides/useful questions to ask when developing a time/project tracker? Ultimately, I'd like to have some way of identifying amounts of time spent in various areas into my personal wiki. thinking more about methodology than actual software. examples of nice trackers also welcome.

wait, are toot embeds a thing? thinking of meta-threads? is there some other way to add individual posts (self/others) to a list/group of posts?

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Principles of UI, A Thread:
1. natural mapping
2. visibility of system state
3. discoverability
4. constraints and affordances
5. habits and spatial memory
6. locus of attention
7. no modes
8. fast feedback
9. do not cause harm to a user's data or through inaction allow user data to come to harm
10. prefer undo to confirmation boxes. For actions that can't be undone, force a "cooling off" period of at least 30 seconds.
11. measure using Fitt's, Hick's, GOMS, etc. but always test with real users.

Feeling really pleased having switched away from RoamResearch (~2mo. use) and back to markdown+git. It feels like laying in your own bed after traveling for a while. While I am back in non-interactive/minimal mode (no fancy bells and whistles), it feels a bit more comfortable.

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it occurs to me that 1.5x-ing my media intake may be slowly destroying my ability to engage as a listener in conversations.

The concept of a human changelog is new to me. Would be interested in hearing more about the impact, @cblgh

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music hardware is prohibitively expensive. music software is unnecessarily complex. on both ends, good portions of the stack are either stuck in China or stuck in C++ libraries. I think something is wrong with that.

anyone with neocities experience? alternatives?

its also kind of fun because you can find features that just disappear. its like the coffee maker you are holding just got sucked up by a black hole.

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dayjob is transitioning to big name CRM and its crazy to me how over-engineered everything is. like theres so many layers of abstraction that the platform has buried its discoverability in docs about its features. feels like im walking through a very expensive landfill of brand new household objects.

any one messed with any of those e-ink android tablets (thinking of Boox)? are they even usable?

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I don't want the site to be an abridged version of, I'm working at adding unique content to it, as for now, I'm adding a few favourite recipes.

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@detondev A living world takes a lot of time, I have this sort of "rule" that everyday I do at least a tiny improvement. It doesn't have to be a big thing, but at least one thing, it's like breathing life into it by making it change, as I change.

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