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Hi friends, I'm inscript. I'm a theorist and writer. My background is in the history of digital audio and critical theory. I'm interested in philosophy, electronic music, and programming language theory. Glad to be here.

One of the things that strikes me is how popular buy-in production communities have become (Kenny Beats, Timbo, Mr. Bill, etc.), through some combination of Twitch, Patreon, etc.. It's a little sad that that sector of the industry has become so heavily monetized in that regard. Successful producers now live stream a sort of royal court for track feedback. That's just not it. Don't pay people to listen to your work. Don't be the customer.

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These two ex-Palantir founders want to replace ev charging stations with the electric car

"The beginning" off Andy Stott's latest release, "Never The Right Time" is everything I wanted Com Truise's last few records to be.

positive correlation between domain expertise and likelihood that a given expert will say "that's not my field, I have no comment" .. saying I don't know is a learned skill

I think I've sort of lost the ability to "unhear" compression. Most broadcasts sound like people rustling papers in another room. It's really bad on primetime news.

"Taco Bell Cashier Signs to Deaf Customer, Goes Viral" (among others) would be a fun (but pointless) grounds for a capitalist realist critique => the only spaces which we allow for altruism are in the interstitial moments that come about as a side-effect of the transaction, and only surface to mass media unless those moments can be forced back on the public like some parable of good. etc. etc.

Reaper (or DAWs in general):

'split items at time selection' and 'set time selection to items' (or their equivalents) have completely changed the way I edit. lets me use one item as a "splicing block" and a timescale for all other items. timing becomes contextual without tempo markers. actions can be run over time selections as opposed to items/tracks.

Inkscape's default zoom behavior is exactly how all zoom should work.

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I've been feeling like I need a better way of tracking very small bits of (post-it worthy) information that would be useful to have around when completing tasks but don't require their own tracking system. Having trouble deciding between a notes field for each task, or notes as a sibling type to tasks. The former would make it easy to navigate, but would be blank for 90% of tasks. The latter would associate a bunch of tidbits with tasks in a similar project, but may get lost in the weeds.

sometimes I wanna respond to a post with a gif and I realize:
a) most gifs are HUGE
b) I don't think I have a good feel for what facial expressions are appropriate in a given situation

I feel a little bit of guilt in deriving enjoyment from reading about productivity or project management. I have a hard time reconciling late capitalist myths of self-development against just wanting to do stuff well.

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livecoder friends are going to make a live stream in a couple of hours, check it out! =D

I spent a good part of last-year trying to figure out some complex scheme for a a markdown-based wiki. Most of that vanished when I started writing plain-html. Very keen to find that sort of "flattening"/reduction experience in other domains.

Granted, I don't work in software. But I've literally never met someone in meatspace who has said "kanban", "agile", "scrum", "yak-shave".

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