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Hi friends, I'm inscript. I'm a theorist and writer. My background is in the history of digital audio and critical theory. I'm interested in philosophy, electronic music, and programming language theory. Glad to be here.

vim and file extensions 

I'm using 'gf' (go to file) in vim, but I would like to avoid cluttering the contents of my files with a bunch of extensions. Can I tell vim to assume an extension? Alternatively, because I am just viewing and editing plain text (no need for syntax highlighting either), is there any harm in saving without a format/extension so vim knows exactly which file to go to?

unix-style text search question/help 

I want to begin using command line utilities to query a directory of markdown files for things like: a) the number of instances of a given string, b) the number of files with one or more instances of a given string, c) a # of chars after a given string in a given file, among others. I know sed/awk/grep may be a place to start but I'm not sure how to narrow that set of features to the above use case. Any help/direction on some useful concepts or tools?

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Started wearing prescription glasses for the first time in ten years and now finding all dark modes difficult to look at.

@luxpris is making my day with the really excellent art and music recommendations. well worth checking out.

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I see so many eink readers (kindles, nooks, even kobos) in second hand stores for the cheap here.I feel like in few years those will just end up in a landfill.

Is there anything out there to give them an "afterlife"? Way to repurpose the screen, etc.?

I'm previewing markdown files on Sourcehut and encountering some line break rendering issues (huge chunks where there should be line separation). I'm gonna assume it's something on my end. Does anyone know where I can begin looking to troubleshoot this?

Someone in town mentioned something like "problems you can work on while away from the keyboard" recently.

I'm interested in generalizing that to problems you can work on regardless of the context. Issues that are concisely conveyed and require solutions that are not dependent on rout labor, but on novel applications of technique or mechanic. Is there a name for these?

Russian Ark
Mother Joan of the Angels
+1 The 400 Blows

are there philosophy instances out there? search is less than satisfactory. (thinking anything 20c, continental preferred)

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I don't love Twitch in general, but my experience watching sci/tech would be so much smoother if I could sort by language. May also draw more streamers into underrepresented languages.

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I am proud of myself. One month completely without meat. And I continue...

Just found out about taskwarrior. Does anyone have any experience with it? It seems neat, if a little bulky.

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@jakechvatal If your only fear with C is that it will take you longer to make things, try to find ways to accept that things take a while and be less in a hurry. You can't have smol computing and be in a hurry, they're incompatible.

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