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so...does the sailor hat come with the boat? or is it sold separately?

asking for a friend

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i'd really like to find Score 4 for DOS and try to figure out how to use it, i love seeing the cool scores that can be made because of how little it holds your hand

it's days like this that i wish that i had access to a university for research, because this is a lot harder without being apart of an institution

if i need another device to log into my account, what do i do when i don't have access to any other device logged into that account

LINE's brilliant idea is to make a new account

yeah sure let's just make an account and lose access to the 100 people on my LINE account that i have no way to access otherwise, brilliant

what a great way to start the morning


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Why am I trying to make computer programs, I'm just an owl.

and now back to our regularly scheduled program

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now to study study study so i can write a script

tales from dnd

"what kind of monster just takes the handle?"

i stole a door handle and will never stop hearing about it

well so what?
we're young
we're thin (most of us)
we're alive (most of us)

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>that’s not what i meant to say at all
>i mean, i’m sick of meaning
>i just wanna hold you

it's a twin fanatasy kind of day


my favourite form of documenting that i can't read

discipline and focus. two things i need to work on. later.

cleaning up my room for the first time in a long time

it feels nice to lay on the floor

technical experiment of doing an entire game stream entirely without obs

im getting the hang of this

my dnd character is learning how to sail despite the fact he dies if he falls in water.

now to learn to sail in real life

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