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so...does the sailor hat come with the boat? or is it sold separately?

asking for a friend

my neighours are lighting fireworks, too soon :(

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candles, the reason why almost burned my house down

i got touchdesigner to display in OBS, my pro gamer career just got a lot more generative

there's some stuff with coding im trying to figure out but i just can not wrap my head around, and it's so fundamentally basic

time to wish myself good luck and try studying for the first time in 4 days

officially started an llc for my creative work

i know they exist, but i am too lazy to go purchase one and then assemble it

plus my desk is too low anyways

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i would pay uncomfortable amounts of money in this moment to have a chair that has a bar stool style foot rest, but the back of an office chair.

specifically i am interested in the games in the app, and the expanded landmarkers lenses, i would have too much fun thinking of what i could make appear in certain buildings and physical features in a whole city block, it would be so much fun

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although i do not agree with snapchat in many ways, i always love watching their partner summit because of all the cool stuff they're doing. if i had a way to play around with a lot of the stuff they released this year, without being a partner, i would be having a lot of fun right now.

once i actually figure out how to get javascript to do anything i want

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i should work on trying to make something that takes a txt file and just displays that on a web page, that would make my life a whole lot easier

you know those bolts on bridges? my hobby is taking those out.

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