i learned today that Excel can import 3D models, so now all my company presentations will contain unrelated 3D models of emojis

today on tmux:

unknown command
unknown command

even on computers that worked literally 10 seconds ago, but not anymore

i love how i can't program any of the ideas i have because it's above my ability, and i don't have enough knowledge to figure it out yet either

but it doesn't stop me from trying

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i'd really like to find Score 4 for DOS and try to figure out how to use it, i love seeing the cool scores that can be made because of how little it holds your hand



it's days like this that i wish that i had access to a university for research, because this is a lot harder without being apart of an institution

if i need another device to log into my account, what do i do when i don't have access to any other device logged into that account

LINE's brilliant idea is to make a new account

yeah sure let's just make an account and lose access to the 100 people on my LINE account that i have no way to access otherwise, brilliant

what a great way to start the morning


and now back to our regularly scheduled program

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now to study study study so i can write a script

tales from dnd

"what kind of monster just takes the handle?"

i stole a door handle and will never stop hearing about it

well so what?
we're young
we're thin (most of us)
we're alive (most of us)

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>that’s not what i meant to say at all
>i mean, i’m sick of meaning
>i just wanna hold you


it's a twin fanatasy kind of day

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