i was listening to a podcast that went from DnD to stocks, and this was what came to my head.

everything about this image accidentally made it perfect in my eyes

it feels so surreal for everyone in my family to have a little space in my house to "work from home" and then there's me working retail

i think i need to start working towards my letterboxd watchlist.

let's try to make that a daily* occurrence.

i'll roll a random number after work tomorrow and just watch whatever comes up. 909 films to choose from.


damn, i love elementary, but i hate how my trackpad feels on linux, it just feels wrong

i'm always trying to find as many places to put my site as possible.

still trying to figure out gopher

it'll become a pain to finish anything

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after finding out about DAT, it's super cool

nice to have another place to put my site

it is so hard to type when you have a cat on chest and a laptop on your

well lap

We Are Little Zombies isn't available where i live, so while we wait, i shall take a moment to appreciate one of my favourite short films of all time:

And So We Put Goldfish In The Pool


probably the most basic thing you can do in touchdesigner but i got it to work, woo

ok seriously, how does one solder pickups

i can't get this to work to save my life

i hate installing pickups, i am the worst at it

first time actually installing linux to use as my main OS, for general computing, sadly i still rely on adobe

i got my new laptop, now to go through my hours of setting everything up

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