i bought a laptop and i'm so excited to get it, but every day it's supposed to get delivered it gets pushed back

@instrud I bought a keyboard and some pcb 3 days before the lunar new year, I understand how you must feel

@instrud It’s a hot swappable pcb and case kit with a hhkb layout :)

@royniang niiice, i've always wanted to build my own keyboard, i hope it goes well!

@instrud i would begin with a hot swappable board that you can flash with qmk :)
The "endgame" would be a custom pcb!

@royniang yeah i've been looking at a few, the main issue is costs, and my uncanny ability to make something break even though it shouldn't

@instrud true, it can be an expensive hobby ahah

What computer did you order?

@instrud I like the T line, but never tried the t440s, hope you'll enjoy your new laptop :)

@royniang i hope so too! it's my second thinkpad, and i have high hopes for it

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