@instrud i love grammar and trying to master different sounds.

@whtrbt grammar and seeing how languages are related, and studying obscure languages, like frisian, low german, basque, romash, etc.

that's what i love

@instrud just looked up Frisian... very closely related to English. I've never heard of it!

@whtrbt yeah it's super close to english but it still fascinates me, just because while english got a lot of french influence, frisian got a lot of german influence, so it's a cool what if to what english could have sounded like if the normans hadn't invade england, at least to some degree

@instrud reading some sample texts on wikipedia, it's like English and German but spelled like Swedish. Plus þ.

@whtrbt it can't decide what it wants to be, and i love it.

are you looking at frisian in general, or a specific dialect/language?

@instrud That was Standard West Frisian, but now I see that North Frisian actually looks more Swedish.

@whtrbt ah, yeah it's such a fascinating part of the germanic language family, i really enjoy learning about it.

what type of languages interest you?

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