i swear i need a class for this, i don't get it at all

@thomasorus programming in the most general sense. it just goes in one ear and out the other

@instrud Awww that's the same for me. It takes me much time to do what I think is simple in my brain. Maybe try to take notes in a different way than comments or code? Like visual help?

@thomasorus i'll try that. thanks. it's just more so trying to think of how these abstract commands are practical in what i wanna make. like loops and stuff. i get what they do but not how to apply that for what i need. i'll see if that helps, thanks again

@instrud Yeah and the mantra « split it in smaller problems » doesn’t help that much sometimes. Definitely try schematics with pen and paper, ask what do I want in the end and what do I have to work with. Good luck, don’t give up!

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