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@neauoire i didn't get real far because i couldn't figure out how to do anything. i'm planning to set aside actual time after studying to see if i can figure something out.

@neauoire i just generally was trying to work the interface and then tried to get some programs running, like a web browser

@instrud You better do away with the instinct of immediately trying to do everything through a browser window if you're interested in Plan9.

@neauoire my thought process was "i'm running a vm and i hate switching between the vm and my main OS so get a browser open for googling" i didn't want to do anything else through it

@instrud all the docs and help for plan9 itself is in /docs, the man pages are AMAZING, they contain examples for almost anything. I found that googling plan9 stuff is mostly pointless.

@neauoire alright, ill try looking at those next time. thank you!

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