going through and organising most of my shit

i have a lot to sell

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@instrud It's enlightening (in more ways than one haha), I made an inventory list of everything I own back in 2019 and donated/sold a lot of old crap I didn't need anymore.

@drisc i have a habit of buying stuff to try to make stuff on it then i never do, i'm trying to stop that, but stuff slips through that filter. i do have a lot of useless crap that i just need to get rid of

@instrud I do that as well, I got a PocketChip from their original crowdfunding campaign but then it just sat in it's box. I still have it but I haven't gotten around to updating it with the homebrew stuff that popped up after Next Thing Co. folded.

Almost bought the Analogue Pocket until I realised I didn't have any GB/GBA games anymore.

@drisc i bought an oculus go to try and make vr apps. i don't even know how to code.

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