i was listening to a podcast that went from DnD to stocks, and this was what came to my head.

everything about this image accidentally made it perfect in my eyes

it feels so surreal for everyone in my family to have a little space in my house to "work from home" and then there's me working retail

@neauoire this is scarily accurate to how i feel most of the time

@freedcreative thank you so much! i learned more about godot in 22 minutes than i did in 3 years just trying to fumble around. your presentation style is really nice, by the way. i appreciate this so much

i think i need to start working towards my letterboxd watchlist.

let's try to make that a daily* occurrence.

i'll roll a random number after work tomorrow and just watch whatever comes up. 909 films to choose from.


@0xxg4 that's why you put a life preserver on the house

also that's insane

@freedcreative if i think of any i'll send some! where do you post the tutorials?

@freedcreative i really appreciate it! good luck. what type of tutorials do you usually post?

@freedcreative i usually try to do 3D but that's just where my mind begins. i'm not more interested in one or the other per say

@freedcreative honestly though, i could just be overthinking godot, as i said, i don't rlly have a lot of experience in programming, or game dev in general, so maybe i'm just not used to thinking about it in a certain way to solve the problem?

@freedcreative i'm super interested in godot. the first thing i always try to do in game engines is get some kind of cube/square/object moving with wasd, and i can't figure that out in godot. generally getting used to the interface, like some stuff to help with that would be great, and basic scripting like what i mentioned above. if you want that its.

@freedcreative i can't figure out how to do anything in godot, like literally anything, even looking at tutorials i'm still lost.

i know quite a bit of HTML, and such but not a lot of JS. i think i'll give phaser a look. honestly seems interesting

@freedcreative yeah i can see it making people unhappy. what do you use now for making games?

i have minimal programming experience so i guess learning Unity, C#, and the API(? idk if that's what it's called in unity's case) isn't a great idea but im going for just basic small games to learn

@freedcreative oh i can always switch engines. i just want to see if i can get any sort of grasp on it since its the one i have the "most" experience in, but it's not a lot, just relative to others

@freedcreative all of the above.

seriously tho the game engine

@millette @eel the only words i could hear when the books collapsed were


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