age is but a number, but i'm 22 and it's time to party by staying inside and drinking just one beer tonight because i work tomorrow

@drisc i bought an oculus go to try and make vr apps. i don't even know how to code.

@drisc i have a habit of buying stuff to try to make stuff on it then i never do, i'm trying to stop that, but stuff slips through that filter. i do have a lot of useless crap that i just need to get rid of

going through and organising most of my shit

i have a lot to sell

@Nikolai_Kingsley i will use this song in a soul-searching session to seek true glory

so when is there a roman flag emoji? i need to show the glory of rome

slack: "you created this channel on april 28th, 2016"
me: *sends first message on august 25th, 2019"

i have a neglectful relationship with slack

@neauoire alright, ill try looking at those next time. thank you!

@neauoire my thought process was "i'm running a vm and i hate switching between the vm and my main OS so get a browser open for googling" i didn't want to do anything else through it

@neauoire i just generally was trying to work the interface and then tried to get some programs running, like a web browser

@neauoire i didn't get real far because i couldn't figure out how to do anything. i'm planning to set aside actual time after studying to see if i can figure something out.

@thomasorus i'll try that. thanks. it's just more so trying to think of how these abstract commands are practical in what i wanna make. like loops and stuff. i get what they do but not how to apply that for what i need. i'll see if that helps, thanks again

@thomasorus programming in the most general sense. it just goes in one ear and out the other

i swear i need a class for this, i don't get it at all

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