Merveilles meta, update success 

@somnius what i find fascinating is the minecraft chat link and source-engine games. just what my irc channel needs!

@whtrbt i'll have to find some books to practice and impress my mother! thank you!

@whtrbt ah i'll have to see if i can find it and pick it up! i've been wanting some swedish novels

min morsa är svenska, men vi talar engelska hemma

i think that's correct

it is so hard to type when you have a cat on chest and a laptop on your

well lap

@whtrbt forgot to add the famous

min svenska är dålig.

@whtrbt oh! how long have you studied italian and swedish?

@whtrbt it's a great watch, i can't wait till i can watch the directors first feature !

@whtrbt ah, yeah it's such a fascinating part of the germanic language family, i really enjoy learning about it.

what type of languages interest you?

@whtrbt it can't decide what it wants to be, and i love it.

are you looking at frisian in general, or a specific dialect/language?

We Are Little Zombies isn't available where i live, so while we wait, i shall take a moment to appreciate one of my favourite short films of all time:

And So We Put Goldfish In The Pool

@whtrbt yeah it's super close to english but it still fascinates me, just because while english got a lot of french influence, frisian got a lot of german influence, so it's a cool what if to what english could have sounded like if the normans hadn't invade england, at least to some degree

@whtrbt grammar and seeing how languages are related, and studying obscure languages, like frisian, low german, basque, romash, etc.

that's what i love

@0xxg4 this is probably the worst menubar i've sene in years

probably the most basic thing you can do in touchdesigner but i got it to work, woo

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